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Digioh Dev-on-Demand will help you build out even your most advanced technical use cases.
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Just a few ways Dev-on-Demand can empower you take Digioh to the next level

launch in weeks
Dynamic Targeting

Display hyper-personalized content and offers to your website visitors. For example, present relevant shopping cart upsells based on cart items.

use your domain

Display language, content and promo codes based on a visitor's country or region. For countries with multiple languages, use browser language settings.

Training and assistance
Audience Targeting Preview

Want to target a campaign to your site visitors based on complex criteria, but don't know how many people will actually see it? Audience Targeting Preview will give you that data.

Custom design services
Personalize with 3rd Party Data

Do you use Lytics, Segment, or another CDP? Integrate with Digioh and use that data to personalize your forms and content.

Focused on results
Email Validation

Reduce the number of bad emails (and addresses) by adding an email/address validation step to your form submissions.

Custom Integrations

Added a new ESP, CRM, or marketing automation tool to your marketing stack? Let us know and we'll set up a custom integration to Digioh.

Track to 3rd Party Databases

Send website visitor activity data to any tracking system with an API. We can track to Google, Adobe, Facebook, Bing, Reddit, and more.

Custom Preference Centers

Reduce your unsubscribes with a custom, brand-compliant email preference center that integrates seamlessly with your ESP.

What's Your Request?

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