Create lightboxes and widgets that look great on any device

Drive more mobile conversions with responsive features and device and browser testing.

Control the appearance of your mobile forms and widgets with Digioh’s responsive settings

There’s no need to design multiple forms or widgets for different devices. Digioh’s responsive settings allow you to create one widget that looks beautiful on all devices.
responsive popup
android popup
ipad popup
Choose from three responsive settings: Window, Percentage of Window, and Absolute Pixel Values.
responsive lightboxes

Add inline forms and widgets to your Google AMP pages

Add beautiful, brand-compliant inline forms to your Google AMP web pages with Digioh. Simply copy and paste the embed code snippet (or have us do it for you), and your Digioh form will display on your AMP page.

Create mobile banners with buttons or forms

Digioh’s flexible widget editor makes it easy to create mobile banners that look exactly the way you want. Keep them simple with a short call-to-action and button, or add in an email-capture form; the possibilities are endless.
mobile banner

Monitor your conversion rates with Digioh’s Conversion Dashboard

With a quick glance, know which of your lightboxes are performing the best. Get pageview, impression, and submission data for each lightbox. Drill down and view the email address, web source, geolocation, and date for each submission collected. You can even display custom field data collected for each lead.
conversion optimization

Discover winning design and copy variations of your forms with an A/B or multivariate test

Use multivariate testing to test conditions, widget type, and copy or color. For example, compare an exit intent lightbox vs. a 3 second timer slider vs. a static inline form. The possibilities are endless!
Ab testing

Display the right widget on the right device

Sometimes you need to show specific widgets on mobile only, or restrict display to a specific device/browser type. With Digioh’s Device Detection feature, you can target specific devices and browsers.
Choose the widget format that makes the most sense on each device. For example: display a lightbox on desktop, and a banner on mobile.
Or, use device detection to direct visitors to the corresponding app store to download your app.

Create on-brand, beautiful forms and widgets

Digioh’s pixel-perfect settings give you granular control over the size and positioning of every lightbox element (buttons, text, images, HMTL). Adjust width, height, and distance from the upper left corner, to the nearest pixel.
brand-compliant forms

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