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Use paymeters to show potential subscribers the value of your content

Digioh paymeters can be configured in a variety of ways to allow partial access to your content:

  • Display paymeters based on number of articles read.
  • Display paymeters based on your content category (allow some content areas to be completely free and non-metered and others to be metered). Great for publishers that have sponsored articles.
  • Allow paymeters to be reset based on session or visitor length.
  • Show paymeters based on referring traffic sources, e.g. first click free to social traffic.
paymeter example
Digioh paywall solution

Restrict content access with paywalls

Digioh paywalls restrict access to your content until a user chooses to subscribe. With Digioh you can:

  • Display paywalls as a lightbox right when a user comes to the site. Digioh can read whether they are a subscriber or not and display a strict wall.
  • Display paywalls inline on article pages so they have to subscribe (or login) to read the full article. This allows your visitors to access the homepage and free articles, while more in-depth articles require the visitor to login or subscribe.
  • Support multiple user levels, e.g. registered with limited content access, paid subscriber with full access.

Integrate with your martech stack

Digioh is versatile and lightweight, easily interoperating with your existing martech stack. Digioh integrates with:

  • Your existing CMS, which means that there's no need to replatform.
  • Your existing Login system.
  • Your existing Subscription system. (circulation/fulfillment).
  • Google Analytics.
  • Your ESP.
  • Your CDP (Lytics, Segment, BlueConic).
  • Common Circ/Fulfillment systems like Naviga, Cambay & West, MPP Global.).
Digioh integrations
Targeting conditions

Target your offers with 20+ targeting conditions

Over 20 targeting conditions give you full control over when and where your offers are displayed. For example, you can:

  • Target based on GEO-IP (display different prices or offers based on country).
  • Target offers based on user behavioral signals, e.g. long time reader vs. first time visitor.
  • Target offers based on user segments, e.g. from your CDP or Google Analytics.

Iterate your way to success with A/B & multivariate testing

Digioh gives you unlimited testing options so you can make continuous improvements to your paywalls and paymeters. For example, you can:

  • AB Test different copy and discount offers to see which messaging gets more subscribers.
  • Test different meter lengths (number of articles read).
  • Test with different audiences.
  • Test different conditions, based on time, exit, scroll.
Ab and multivariate testing

Nurture audiences with browse abandonment emails

Even when someone intends to subscribe, distractions can get in the way. Digioh detects more abandonment events to improve your lifecycle marketing efforts.

  • If a user enters their email but doesn’t actually subscribe to your publication, Digioh can trigger an email to get them to finish their subscription (11% recovery rate).
  • Email can be integrated with your current ESP (or you can use Digioh’s email solution to send the emails).

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We use Digioh's powerful form builder to display targeted offers to our website visitors. By segmenting our visitors by traffic source, we've been able to maximize and personalize the user experience - which ultimately resulted in increased sales.

Great tool! Highly recommend!
Leora, Teri Jon
Digioh has been super helpful in helping us capture new website users and grow our email audience as well as revenue. We use Digioh on our Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform (DemandWare). It was super easy to implement (simple javascript) and the Digioh team fully integrated us into our email marketing software as well as helped us with initial designs. We were up and running in less than a day.
Ben, Spy+
We have had great success with the Digioh app. It is very easy to use, and the lightboxes we've built using Digioh can be customized in a seemingly endless variety of ways (i.e., based on URL, geo-targeting, source, date, UTM code, etc.).

The support team is awesome to work with -- they've even built custom scripts for us -- and are always prompt and courteous in answering our questions.
Kay K., Children's Medical Center

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