Post-purchase surveys that integrate with your marketing software

Drag and drop your way to powerful surveys that plug into your marketing stack, no matter what software you use.
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create post purchase surveys with Digioh

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Create post-purchase surveys with ease

design custom surveys


Drag and drop to build brand-compliant surveys. Launch in minutes, without wrangling with code.
integrate surveys with your shopping cart


Digioh integrates with hundreds of email marketing services and shopping carts. Pass data and update your customer records in real time.
increase survey responses


Boost survey completion rates with Digioh's personalization and targeting features.
trigger emails


Trigger actions based on survey results: alert customer service reps, start an email Journey, and more.
targeting conditions for surveys


Display surveys to the right person, at the right time with over 20 targeting & trigger conditions.
personalized surveys


From conditional fields to dynamic content, Digioh enables you to truly personalize your surveys.

Integrate with your marketing stack

Digioh plugs right into your marketing stack with over 100 built-in integrations, plus the ability to create custom backend integrations.

Even better, our flexible integration can be configured to meet your specific needs. Have any questions about what we can do? Request a demo and we'll show you around!

post purchase surveys

Drag and drop to create branded surveys

Say goodbye to boring survey templates! Digioh gives you endless customization options, so you can create completely brand-compliant, beautiful surveys. From "How did you hear about us surveys" to product preference surveys, Digioh's got you covered.

  • Add your own images, logo, fonts, and colors.
  • Survey question types include picklists (drop-down fields), single or multiple selections, star ratings, rankings, CSAT and NPS® questions, and more
  • Unlimited placement options. Embed your surveys, or place them in sidebars, banners, or lightboxes. You can even create full-page surveys.

Personalize your surveys

Digioh enables you to show personalized content within your surveys.

  • Conditionally display fields based on survey responses. For example, if someone selects "Other" as a survey response, a new field pops up where they can enter more information.
  • Add dynamic content to your surveys. Personalize your survey content (images or text) and questions (for example, dropdown options).
  • Randomize the order in which questions appear to ensure that all your answer options are given a fair chance at being seen first.
how did you hear about us survey

Reduce friction by capturing emails automatically

Make it easy for your visitors to complete your surveys by capturing their emails automatically.

  • Capture the email addresses of logged in visitors. Once a survey is completed, the email and survey responses will be passed to your ESP/CRM.
  • For visitors coming via an email newsletter link, Digioh will read their email address from a personalization string
  • Email addresses can be Base64 encoded for additional security.

Display your surveys after purchase or login

With Digioh's precise targeting options you can ensure that your surveys will display at exactly the right time and place.

Target based on URL (e.g. checkout page), logged in/out visitor, exit intent, traffic source, cookie values, Google Analytics segments, and so much more.

post purchase survey on checkout page
surveys embedded in email

Embed post-purchase surveys in your emails

Digioh integrates with your favorite email marketing software. Our most popular integrations include Salesforce Marketing Cloud, MailChimp, Iterable, Klaviyo, and Active Campaign.

Boost your survey completion rate by embedding your post-purchase surveys inside your emails.

Ready to see some examples of our post-purchase surveys?

From "How did you hear about us surveys?" to product preference surveys, Digioh empowers you to drag and drop your way to the perfect survey. With countless built-in and custom integrations, you'll be able share your survey data with your email marketing system or CRM.

Request a demo to discover how Digioh's surveys give you actionable intelligence that helps you grow your business.
We use Digioh's powerful form builder to display targeted offers to our website visitors. By segmenting our visitors by traffic source, we've been able to maximize and personalize the user experience - which ultimately resulted in increased sales.

Great tool! Highly recommend!
Leora, Teri Jon
Digioh has been super helpful in helping us capture new website users and grow our email audience as well as revenue. We use Digioh on our Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform (DemandWare). It was super easy to implement (simple javascript) and the Digioh team fully integrated us into our email marketing software as well as helped us with initial designs. We were up and running in less than a day.
Ben, Spy+
We have had great success with the Digioh app. It is very easy to use, and the lightboxes we've built using Digioh can be customized in a seemingly endless variety of ways (i.e., based on URL, geo-targeting, source, date, UTM code, etc.).

The support team is awesome to work with -- they've even built custom scripts for us -- and are always prompt and courteous in answering our questions.
Kay K., Children's Medical Center

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