Check out that hero section up there!

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See the bright blue hero section at the top of the screen?

That's no ordinary hero section; that's a Digioh inline widget.

Unfortunately, we can't really offer you 10% off a sweet summer toy, but we have the next best thing: an easier way to update your site.

By adding a Digioh inline widget to the top of your site, you can update header content without getting your developers involved. Just install the Digioh snippet on your site, and you can edit your hero section directly from Digioh's drag-and-drop builder.

Want to spotlight your latest products? Target new site visitors with a unique coupon code? Just need to change the image? You can do it all in Digioh. Quickly.

Why, you'll be the hero of your marketing team!

This is just one of the many inline themes available in the Digioh editor. Head back to the Theme Gallery to view a couple more of our inline CTA templates, or reach out to us, and we can walk you through our entire editor.

Create a hero widget with Digioh.
  • Drag and drop to edit your site's hero section directly from the Digioh platform.
  • Choose a hero theme, and make it your own with custom fonts, images, and more.
  • Personalize your site with ease by adding dynamic content to your hero section.

Double your conversion rate.

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