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Are Your Clients Asking...?

  • "I need to grow my email list...Can you help?"
  • "Do you know of a form builder that integrates with Salesforce?"
  • "Can I send all my transaction data to Marketing Cloud?"
  • "Can we set up Abandon Cart and Abandon Browse triggers?"
  • "Do you know if we can set up Out-of-Stock and Price-Drop forms?"
  • "Can we show a lightbox/pop-up to first-time visitors?"
  • "Can we give a coupon code to our visitors?"
With Digioh, you can answer YES to all these questions (and more)!


Leverage our powerful form builder...with your branding

Give your customers a consistent experience by adding your branding to Digioh. As a partner, your account supports multiple logins for your agency and your clients.

Digioh gives you the power to:
  • Build unlimited types of forms including easy-to-embed footer forms and targeted lightboxes and sidebars
  • Personalize based on data in Salesforce
  • Display forms in multiple languages (based on geolocation, for example)
  • Set up cart & browse abandonment campaigns
  • Set up one-time-use coupons, and much more!
Digioh form builder for Agencies

We handle your custom integrations

We specialize in custom Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud integrations. We can:  
  • Integrate with data extensions and lists
  • Perform upserts
  • Trigger sends and Journeys
  • Perform other custom integrations (Einstein, Salesforce360)
Digioh will set up integrations

Create custom forms that meet your clients' needs (custom fields, CSS, fonts, and colors)

Create any form you can envision with Digioh. Add in unlimited custom fields (text, checkboxes, dropdown fields, date pickers, and hidden fields)...Match your client's branding with custom fonts, colors, and CSS.

We'll even custom design forms for you, so you can get the exact look and feel you're going for.
Digioh will build custom forms

Hand off your analytics integrations

Digioh will take care of any analytics integrations including Google Analytics, Segment, Adobe...or any other platform.
Digioh analytics integrations

We help you deliver projects on time with our quick turnaround

We’re committed to our relationship with our partners, so our first priority is to help you delight your clients.

Want to learn more about our partnership opportunities? Schedule a demo and we'll give you a tour of Digioh and our partnership program!

Start converting more website visitors today

On average, Digioh's customers 2x their sign-ups in 7 days. Request your personalized demo to see how Digioh can help you convert more visitors into subscribers and buyers.

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