Our Story 

We’re makers and marketers. 

From the beginning, our founders recognized the need for powerful, adaptable tools that help brands connect with people.

We wanted to build a digital playground where makers and marketers could bring their ideas to life.

That's why we created Digioh.

We launched in 2011 with flexibility and creativity in mind, and those principles continue to inform everything we do.

Our story isn’t just our story...

It’s your story too.

We build tools designed to scale and adapt to an ever-changing landscape. And after over a decade of Digioh, we’re still blown away by the creative ways our clients use our platform!

So thanks to you, we’re driven to keep innovating and iterating.
Brianna P.
"Digioh empowers us to create custom surveys and pop-ups to better connect and personalize the customer journey. The team is super helpful and responsive, and even created custom integrations to fit our specific needs. Overall a great, flexible tool!"
Our Mission

Empower marketers—it’s really that simple.

Our mission is to empower marketers with flexible tools and effective strategies that build connections. It's through those connections that organizations build trust, serve their people, and enrich lives. We love being part of that process.
“The heart of Digioh really is solving the customer's problems and iterating on their solutions.”
Rishi Shah
Digioh CEO
Core Values

What matters most to us.

  • We treat clients the way they want to be treated.
    We're dedicated to honoring our commitments and treating everyone with respect. Your goals are our goals,
  • We believe work should be fun and fulfilling.
    Our team is passionate about what we do and encouraged to voice our ideas, helping us drive innovation.
  • We Get Things Done.
    We value people's time—our time and yours. With teamwork and a solid production schedule, all things are possible!
  • We care about sustainable growth.
    Every time we achieve something new, we ask, “How do we scale that?” Automation, new apps, new features—we want to find ways to make things happen faster and more efficiently.
Company Culture

Life at Digioh.


We care about the people we work with. It’s vital to us that everyone at Digioh has a safe and friendly work environment, maintains a healthy work-life balance, and feels valued.


Nothing stifles creativity or disrupts your flow like someone standing over your shoulder. We trust our team to solve problems while producing incredible results, and we see it happen every day.


We've been remote from Day 1. Passionate, talented people are everywhere, so it never made sense to limit our team to a single zip code. Besides, how could we effectively collaborate with global clients if we couldn’t also pull that off internally?


We may live all over the world, but that doesn't keep us from working together closely. We’re kind, curious people who love solving unique problems, so it’s never a bother to ask questions, shoot over a voice chat, or start a quick brainstorming session. 


Flexibility isn't just a tenet of our technology; it's how we operate. People do their best work when they're at their best, and if that means taking time during the day to tend to personal matters, walk the dog, or just get in a quick nap, we're here for it.