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Email Service Providers

Digioh's email marketing system integrations allow you to seamlessly pass data collected with Digioh. Digioh can even read data stored in your back-end database, and use it to personalize your forms and landing pages.

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Website Builders & Shopping Carts

No matter whether you use an off-the-shelf shopping cart or a custom build, Digioh can integrate with your system. This means that you can trigger cart abandonment campaigns, grow your email newsletters, and so much more.

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Analytics Tools

Digioh's integration with your analytics tools can be configured to meet your unique needs. Whether you need to pass UTM parameters to your ESP or send custom events to your existing analytics systems, Digioh can do it.

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Customer Data Platforms

Digioh integrates with your CDP of choice. Our integration empowers you to personalize your website and trigger behavioral emails based on your data.

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SMS Platforms

Digioh integrates with your SMS/Text provider of choice. Grow your list with one-tap mobile opt-in forms and desktop forms.

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Other Integrations

From marketing automation systems to CRMs, Digioh integrates with the tools you use.

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Custom Integrations

The Digioh team builds out one custom integration per week to meet our clients' needs. We have a robust API that allows us to write data to any data source. The average custom integration takes 3-7 business days.

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Our Integration Partners

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