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With personalization features that display targeted and relevant content to your website visitors
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Build Forms in Minutes with our custom form builder

Our library of 100+ themes: your shortcut to stunning designs

Start from one of our proven, high-converting themes and customize it to make it your own. Digioh has themes for coupons, up-sells, cart abandon, lead capture, and  more.

You can choose from 4 different widget types: lightboxes, in-line forms, sidebar and banner.

100+ lightbox themes
Create custom forms by dragging and dropping
Form editor

Drag and drop to arrange your forms just the way you want them. Add your fonts and images to match your branding. Segment lists and score your leads with custom fields, opt-in checkboxes, and fields with drop-down values.

Need a custom design? We'll design it for you!

Build multi-page forms and quizzes with a couple of clicks
Create preference quizzes

Easily add extra pages to your forms with Digioh's flexible form editor.

Create a multi-page preference quiz to incentivize email sign-ups and purchases. After your website visitor takes the quiz, ask for their email to display the result and suggest the exact product they need.

Add in-line forms to your Google AMP pages
Google Amp forms

Want to add beautiful, brand-compliant inline forms to your Google AMP web pages? Digioh makes it easy. Simply copy and paste the embed code snippet (or have us do it for you), and your Digioh form will display on your AMP page.

connect to your tools with our integrations

400+ built-in integrations plus custom back-end integration

Pass custom and analytics fields to your ESP, CRM, automation, or analytics tools. We can even pass data from hidden fields.

Over 400 native integrations include CMS/Website builders, email marketing and automation tools, Zapier, and Google Analytics/other analytics tools. Need a custom integration? We’ll set it up for you!

Digioh and Hubspot
Digioh and exact target
Digioh and Act-on
Digioh and Boomtrain
Digioh and Interable
Digioh and Marketo
Digioh and Infusionsoft
Digioh and Salesforce
Digioh and BaseCRM
Digioh and BigCommerce
Digioh and WooComerce
Digioh and Shopify
Digioh and Unbounce
Digioh and Facebook Ads
Custom integrations
Digioh and Wordpress
Digioh and Google Adwords
Digioh and Salesforce Pardot
Digioh and Campaign Monitor
Digioh and Zoho CRM

drive conversions with our personalization & targeting editor

Mix and match 10+ trigger conditions and targeting options

Selectively display forms based on 10+ conditions including traffic source, page content, UTM parameters, geolocation, new or returning visitor, pages visited, exit intent, devices and more!

Conditions editor
Create dynamic forms and widgets with Digioh's DIY dynamic editor

Our dynamic content editor gives you the power to display dynamic content without having to write a line of code. Pull from URL parameters, URLs, and jQuery selectors and dynamically display images, text, HTML, and more.

Dynamic lightboxes and widgets
Increase your average order size with suggested products

Increase your cart value by suggesting complimentary and relevant products, accessories, and add-ons. Use dynamic lightboxes to display the right up-sell or cross-sell for each product in your catalog.

Product recommendations
Boost conversions with dynamic coupons

Reduce coupon abuse and fraud with one-time use coupon codes. Pass the coupon code to your ESP and send emails to encourage coupon code redemption. Remind new subscribers of their coupon code every time they visit your website.

Dynamic coupons

Open up the possibilities with custom js

Perform age verification of new subscribers

Use the date picker field to ask people to enter their birthdays before opting in. With Custom JS you can reject email submissions from individuals who don’t meet your minimum or maximum age requirements (for example: over 13, or under 65).

Age verification of subscribers
Incentivize purchases with a free shipping or gift threshold

Want to use a minimum threshold to encourage shoppers to add more to their shopping carts? With Custom JS you can detect the shopping cart value and show customers how much more they need to add to qualify for free shipping or a free gift.

Minimum shipping threshold
Add tracking pixels to your lightboxes

Track the activity of website visitors by adding tracking pixels (such as the Facebook pixel) to your lightboxes.

Lightbox tracking pixels

increase conversions with a/b and multivariate testing

Test your way to higher conversions

Discover winning design and copy variations of your forms with an A/B test.

Use multivariate testing to test conditions, widget type, and copy or color. For example, compare an exit intent lightbox vs. a 3 second timer slider vs. a static inline form. The possibilities are endless!

A/B testing forms and widgets
Monitor your KPIs with Digioh's analytics dashboard

Identify your best-performing lightboxes with Digioh's analytics dashboard. Get pageview, impression, and submission data for each lightbox. Drill down and view the email address, web source, geolocation, and date for each submission collected. You can even display custom field data collected for each lead.

Analytics dashboard

recover sales with browse & cart abandonment

Reduce bounces with exit intent technology

Desktop visitor about to leave your site? Exit Intent detects when a mouse leaves the browser plane on a desktop device.

Mobile visitor about to exit? Digioh’s Idle Timer on Mobile targets customers who are about to tab or leave your website.

exit intent lightboxes
Send triggered emails to reduce cart abandonment

Add JavaScript event listeners that grab emails on a multi-step checkout. Send the email address, along with items left in the user’s cart, to your ESP to trigger shopping cart abandonment emails.

JS listener cart abandonment

Start converting more website visitors today

On average, Digioh's customers 2x their sign-ups in 7 days. Request your personalized demo to see how Digioh can help you convert more visitors into subscribers and buyers.

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