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BedGear's PillowID Quiz

BedGear matches quiz takers with the perfect pillow based on body type, sleep position, temperature, and more.

  • Mobile-Optimized Design
  • Mouseover Tooltips
  • Auto-Progressing Buttons
  • One-Click Add to Cart
  • First-Name Personalization
  • Passes All Data to Klaviyo
desktop and mobile versions of bedgear's product quiz

More Live Quiz Examples from Leading Brands

From hair products to insoles, our customers connect their shoppers with the right products from head to toe.
Check out these quizzes for brands in personal care, apparel, beverages, legal services, and more.
swimsuit size finder quiz example


Watch the progress bar "swim" across the screen in this fit finder quiz that matches you with several swimsuit options.

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animal protein finder quiz


Animal's product quiz provides personalized supplement recommendations to help anyone achieve their goals.

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hair care quiz


Address common signs of aging hair with Arey's product recommendation quiz that provides hair products tailored to your needs.

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coffee quiz


What coffee is right for your tastes? Find your new favorite coffee with AriZona's on-brand "Find Your Perfect Brew" recommendation quiz.

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pillow recommendation quiz with dynamic images


BedGear's PillowID quiz addresses its quiz-takers by name as it shows you the perfect pillow for your body type and sleep habits.

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meal plan finder quiz


Integrated with Iterable, bistroMD's quiz matches you with a meal delivery plan personalized to your lifestyle, tastes, and health goals.

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glasses finder quiz

Blenders Eyewear

Looking for a new pair of sunglasses?Blenders' Find your Frame quiz pairs shoppers with the perfect glasses for sun, snow, and more.

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ski resort vacation recommendation quiz

Club Med

Whether you speak English or French, this multilingual quiz pairs visitors in the United States and Canada with the perfect ski destination.

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breast pump finder quiz integrated with Ometria


Not sure what to ask in your eCommerce quiz? Our question recommendation quiz gives you 3 questions tailored to your brand, products, and goals.

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breast pump finder quiz integrated with Ometria


Elvie's quiz passes responses to Ometria to populate a dynamic email template and send quiz takers an email with their product recommendations.

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men's skincare quiz example by every man jack

Every Man Jack

Every Man Jack engages shoppers with a fun skincare quiz before showing personalized product recommendations on a Shopify landing page.

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find my frames sunglasses quiz


With a delightfully on-brand experience, Goodr's "Find My Frames" quiz recommends 3 pairs of sunglasses based on your style preferences.

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hair color product finder

The Hair Shop

Click "What's My Color" on any product page to find your perfect shade. The quiz remembers your match across the rest of the site.

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hijab recommendation quiz example

Haute Hijab

Visit Haute Hijab and click "Take the Quiz" to see the fabric finder quiz in action and find the right hijab for your style and needs.

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heymilestone sample recommendation quiz

Hey, Milestone

Hey, Milestone's recommendation quiz connects moms with the right sample boxes based on their children's ages and life stages.

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jewelry quiz example


Jaxxon's style quiz helps shoppers find the perfect chain, and at the end of the quiz, it automatically redirects to that chain's product page.

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jewelry quiz example


Kremp promotes their product quiz with an eye-catching teaser. Click the teaser to discover the right flowers for any occasion.

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pet CBD quiz by lazarus naturals

Lazarus Naturals

Whether you need it for yourself or your pet, this CBD quiz can help. The quiz dynamically inserts text into questions based on a user's previous answers.

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mendi personalized CBD recommendation


Take Mendi's quiz for CBD product recommendations personalized to each shopper's needs, goals, and experience with CBD.

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moon juice quiz for supplements and skin care

Moon Juice

Moon Juice's Shopify quiz recommends the right skin care products and supplements based on your symptoms, lifestyle, and habits.

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example of legal services lead gen quiz

Nathan Trust

More than just a tool for eCommerce brands, tax quizzes like Nathan Trust's help customers with estate planning and inheritance tax information.

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skincare quiz example

Oars + Alps

In this quiz, helpful tooltips ensure shoppers can answer questions confidently as they discover their perfect skincare products.

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foam machine quiz


The video pop-ups in this quiz provide visual references to help shoppers get the party started and pick the perfect foam machine with ease.

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curated product recommendation quiz example


PowerStep's insole finder quiz provides curated recommendations on the final screen to match you with the correct orthotic insoles.

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juice recommendation quiz by pressed


This juice recommendation quiz makes it easy to find drinks that match your lifestyle, then add them to your cart with a single click.

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bed match quiz

Sit 'n Sleep

The Mattress Assistant quiz allows you to find the perfect mattress based on your budget, who the mattress is for, how you sleep, and other factors.

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tado product finder quiz example


Tado's product finder quiz will point you to the right smart thermostat system for your home based on your needs and existing setup.

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turtlefur hat recommender


Need some headwear? No matter your ski style, Turtlefur's got you covered with this quiz that connects you with your perfect product.

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tweezerman's ecommerce quiz


Whether you need tweezers for brow maintenance or splinter removal, you'll find the perfect product for your grooming needs with this quiz.

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vanna health product recommendation quiz

Vanna Belt

See multiple personalized recommendations at the end of this bright, on-brand quiz that points you to the right products for your body goals.

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pump finder quiz


Willow's full-screen quiz connects moms with their perfect pump. Not sure what size to buy? Willow can help you out with a printable size finder.

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"We have been very pleased with the performance of our quiz so far; around 50% higher conversion rate and 60% higher AOV compared to our overall site averages. Excited to refine our strategy and build more campaigns around it!"
Erin S.
Haute Hijab
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