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Reduce your unsubscribe rate by up to 30%. Digioh makes it easy to build Marketo-integrated custom subscription centers.
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Marketo subscription center

Trusted by 20,000+ websites worldwide

Digioh empowers you to build Marketo-integrated subscription centers

launch in weeks
Launch in Weeks

Digioh is designed for marketers who want to launch quickly. No need to sink hundreds of hours into custom development work.

use your domain
Use Your Own Domain

Give your subscribers a consistent experience. We can map your subscription center to your own domain (e.g. or

Training and assistance
Ongoing Support

Whether you need general email marketing tips or a custom script, we're always a phone call or email away.

Custom design services
Custom Branding

Want a custom, brand-compliant subscription center? We'll create one and add it straight into your account.

Focused on results
Drag and Drop Builder

Drag and drop to build your custom subscription centers and landing pages.

Easy Integration

We integrate with 400+ ESPs, CRMs, marketing automation tools and more.
Have a tool that's not integrated? We'll set up a custom integration for you.

custom subscription centers

Drag and drop to create custom subscription centers

Start from one of our templates, and drag and drop to customize your subscription center: 

  • Add custom fonts and upload your own images
  • Seamless integration with Marketo and your entire marketing stack
  • Unlimited custom fields including drop-down fields, date fields, checkboxes, hidden fields and more.
  • Want us to design a subscription center that exactly matches your branding? Just ask and we'll create one for you. Digioh's design editor makes edits and revisions a breeze.

Personalize your Marketo subscription centers with dynamic content

With Digioh, you can personalize every aspect of your subscription centers. You can:

  • Dynamically display lists your subscriber is already subscribed to
  • Dynamically display related lists your subscriber is likely to be interested in, based on their current subscriptions
  • Display a custom "Thank you page" message
  • Display your subscriber's email address in the email field at the top of the page (and allow them to make edits)
dynamic Marketo subscription center
unsubscribe survey

Use surveys to understand why subscribers unsubscribed

Add an optional survey when someone unsubscribes to uncover recurring issues or areas for improvement.

Allow your subscribers to pause or change email frequency

Sometimes your subscribers just need a break. Instead of making them unsubscribe, give them the option to pause your emails for a set amount of time.

Another option: empower your subscribers to choose how often they want to hear from you (for example, weekly vs. monthly).

time based subscription center
subscription center with custom fields

Collect subscriber data with unlimited custom fields

Use custom questions to better understand your subscribers and send them content that matters.

Digioh gives you the ability to add in unlimited custom fields including text fields, dropdown fields, checkboxes, custom fields and hidden fields.

Ready to see how easy it is to build a custom subscription center?

You already know that a subscription center can help you keep more of your valuable subscribers. Until now, creating a custom subscription center used to require months of intense development work....

Enter Digioh.

Our drag-and-drop builder is both easy to use and flexible, so you can create the exact subscription center to suit your needs...without the help of developers.

And we don't just offer subscription centers. Our conversion-boosting forms and landing pages will help you grow your email lists even faster. So you can add more subscribers and keep more of them on your lists!

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Their customer support is second-to-none as any time we run into an issue or a need advice on best practices, they are prompt to respond and work with my team and I on addressing our needs.
Josh, Venture Beat
Digioh has been super helpful in helping us capture new website users and grow our email audience as well as revenue. We use Digioh on our Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform (DemandWare). It was super easy to implement (simple javascript) and the Digioh team fully integrated us into our email marketing software as well as helped us with initial designs. We were up and running in less than a day.
Ben, Spy+
The support team is awesome to work with - they've even built custom scripts for us - and are always prompt and courteous in answering our questions.
Kay K., Children's Medical Center

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