A/B & Multivariate Testing

Optimize web forms and widgets with flexible testing and powerful reporting.
Conversion Rate Optimization

Test your way to more conversions.

Compare designs, copy, or conditions to discover what works best.

Use multivariate testing to experiment with trigger conditions, widget type, copy, and more. Compare an exit-intent lightbox vs. a timed slider, or green vs. blue CTA buttons. Whatever you want to test, Digioh makes it easy.
“I've installed Digioh at multiple companies and have seen increased lead capture performance - mostly from the ease with which I can launch targeted and relevant lead campaigns. I can also easily test campaigns, quickly gather data, and optimize.”
Analytics & Reporting

Monitor your KPIs with Digioh's analytics dashboard.

Track conversion rates to identify top-performing lightboxes.

Get pageview, impression, and submission data for each lightbox. Drill down and view the email address, web source, geolocation, and date for each submission collected. You can even display the custom field data collected for each lead.

Start converting more website visitors today.

On average, Digioh customers double their sign-ups in 7 days. Request your personalized demo to see how we can help you turn your visitors into subscribers and customers.
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