Meet the New Digioh: Our Rebrand and Website Redesign

March 18, 2021
Jace Farran

You may have noticed things look a bit different around here. We thought we’d explain. Keep reading for a behind-the-screens look at our new branding.

Hi, we’re Digioh. You might know us as a form builder tool. Or maybe you know us for our preference centers, landing pages, or other website conversion tools.

(Or maybe you’re visiting us for the first time, in which case, welcome!)

But Digioh is more than marketing software. At our core, we’re a tight-knit team committed to helping customers grow their audience and revenue. We think our branding should reflect that, so we set out to change a few things.

The result? A visual rebrand and website redesign informed by our laser-focus on your success.

Here, we’ll walk you through the challenges our new design needed to solve, plus the decisions that addressed these challenges. Hopefully, this gives you some insight into not only the thought behind our redesign, but into who we are as a company.

We don’t stand still. Our site shouldn’t either.

Digioh delivers frequent product updates to address customer needs. Part of our website’s purpose is to communicate these changes, so we needed a new site with a framework that makes updates easy.

What we didn’t want was the typical, drawn-out redesign process. We also didn’t want to divert any resources from client work. With a tight deadline, efficiency was a must.

We stuck with our existing website builder, Webflow, and designed new page templates that allow us to create new content quickly with their content management system features. Now, adding new pages is as simple as uploading images, writing copy, and hitting publish.

Built for speed.

We optimize our products for page speed, so our site should reflect what's under the hood.

Unfortunately, while informative, our old site was a bit sluggish. We aimed to pack our new site with helpful content without weighing it down with code.

Webflow’s CMS pages helped us remove excessive styles and reduce load times. And of course, we installed our own Digioh code in the most optimal way possible. That, along with some other fine-tuning, took our page speed from a failing grade to an A.

Lo-go with the flow.

With the website underway, we realized we had a great opportunity to spruce up our visual identity too. So we started with our logo.

Our previous logo’s reds and greys often clashed with other graphics. We needed a logo that’s as adaptable as we are, so we simplified our logo design.

The new solid-color version works well in multiple colors, ensuring the logo fits alongside any other graphics, images, or partner logos. It was a minor change, but it opened a world of design possibilities.

Character counts.

Once the logo was set, we turned to some bigger design questions.

Our previous site relied on stock images and didn’t bring much personality to the table. To better connect us with customers, we worked towards a design that closely represents who we are.

That’s why we created a set of illustrated characters for our site. Each character has their own personality and style, representing not only us, but our clients and our clients’ clients.

Still, while unique, each character draws from the same color palette. These colors range from bright and energetic to deep and calm, providing flexibility while remaining cohesive. 

That cohesion is key. Most importantly, our new site aims for a sense of connection. Many of the characters are connected through their technology, but they’re also connected to their passions and with each other.

The site design takes inspiration from the characters, so their personalities and connection to each other resonate throughout the site, and hopefully, with our customers.

New site, same commitment to your success.

Of course, a new design that represents connection is no substitute for actual connection.

Ultimately, the Digioh platform is built to help connect you with your customers, and we achieve that by staying connected with you. That’s not changing.

Underneath our new site, we’re still the same Digioh. Still committed to helping you get the most from our product, providing any support you need, and making your digital marketing a success.

We just hope our new site conveys that more clearly.

Thanks for allowing us to walk you through our new brand. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. As always, we’re just a phone call or email away.

Jace Farran
Head of Demand Gen
Jace Farran is Digioh's Head of Demand Gen with an extensive background in web design. He has direct experience in eCommerce, publishing, and agency settings, working in a wide range of areas, including email marketing, content, and social media marketing. Jace is passionate about providing valuable content and communicating through design. He lives in New York with his family.

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