Digioh Announced as Tapcart Preferred Partner

September 26, 2023
Allison Kelly

We're excited to announce our official Preferred Partnership status with Tapcart, enabling app-based quizzes, product recommendations, and unique gamification opportunities.

Are you a Shopify merchant who has pushed the limits on your email and SMS program? Have you found yourself pondering “What more can I do to capitalize on the massive amount of website traffic and conversions I’m seeing today on mobile?”  

Well - good news.  You’re not alone!  

With an estimated 6.8 billion (that’s right, billion with a “B”) smartphone users worldwide, the mobile conversion trends seen during and after the pandemic aren’t expected to slow down any time soon. In fact, according to Shopify and eMarketer, they’re going to grow by another $2 trillion by 2026, equating to a staggering $8.1 trillion by 2026.  

shopify bar chart of global ecommerce sales 2021-2026

That’s where Tapcart comes in. TLDR, Tapcart is a mobile app builder for Shopify’s fastest-growing brands including Fashion Nova, Princess Polly, LSKD, and more. With Tapcart, you can instantly turn your Shopify store into an epic mobile app and power a low-upkeep revenue stream designed to convert mobile shoppers. 

So what? Apps have been around for years. What’s so unique about Tapcart and why should I care?

Great questions. I like you! 

Yes, apps have been around for years, but historically, only the super-lux, enterprise brands (e.g. Nike), travel, finance, and insurance companies have taken advantage of this highly-engaged, “need information now” consumer mindset.  And, that’s awesome because those brands have pre-programmed the mind and habits of consumers. Think about it: you want to book a flight, you do it on an app.  Need to check your bank account balance?  You go to an app.  

Apps give consumers immediate gratification, information, and the opportunity to engage more. With the continued innovation of technology comes a continued innovation of consumer behavior.   

It’s classic cause & effect.

“Once you get users to adopt the app, they're going to visit the brand 3 to 5 times more frequently than they were your website,” according to Neal Goyal from Tapcart. “Those sessions are going to convert at higher conversion rates, at higher apps, and as a result unlocks a higher lifetime value from your most loyal and coveted base.” 

Tapcart has found this to be the case with merchants, such as Chubbies, BruMate, Fashion Nova, True Classic, etc., where conversion rates skyrocket 63% higher, on average, when comparing standard mobile website traffic to app traffic.

That’s why, today, Digioh is excited to announce our official Preferred Partnership status with Tapcart!

Innovation ahead of the pivots and shifts of the consumer are core to the success of our merchants here at Digioh. With Digioh’s Preferred Partner status, announced today with the launch of Tapcart’s new Technology Partner Program, we join an elite ranking of best-of-breed Shopify technologies that support innovation, personalization, and customization in the mobile-first era. Digioh had to validate that we had impenetrable and aligned product-market fit, mobile-commerce era focus, and integration connectivity to Tapcart. Together, Tapcart and Digioh share the vision of taking mobile app personalization to the next level and making it easily accessible for all.

With Digioh and Tapcart combined, mobile app consumers can engage in app-based quizzes, product recommendations, and unique gamification opportunities across every touchpoint within the app. Our goal with this integration and our Preferred Partner status is to capture more zero-party data that leads to a 3x increase in conversion, higher AOV, and incremental subscription revenue growth (for those merchants who work with ReCharge, OrderGroove, and Skio, we got you here too)

Want to learn more or see Tapcart + Digioh together in action?   Great!  Request some time with a mobile commerce conversion expert here.

Allison Kelly
Chief Revenue Officer
Allison Kelly is the Chief Revenue Officer at Digioh. For the last decade, Allison has helped build next-generation marketing platforms, most recently serving at Attentive, that cater to solving challenges for existing challenges marketers face in today's complex environment. Allison currently calls Georgia home with her husband, 3 daughters, and 2 Shih Tzus.

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