Ragnarokast: Making Capture Fun: Digioh’s Head of Marketing Guests on the Ragnarok Podcast

June 13, 2023
Jace Farran

Tune into the latest Ragnarokast: Making Capture Fun where we demystify data capture and talk about how to make it fun, effective, and transparent.

I recently sat down with Ragnarok Co-CEO Spencer Barett and Strategist Melanie Zippe to discuss one of our favorite topics here at Digioh—how to make capture fun. Spencer and Melanie are both so knowledgeable about marketing, the Digioh platform, and genuinely so cool to talk to! I loved being able to nerd out about web marketing, the power of quizzes, and making fun customer experiences with them. I also loved being able to gush a bit about our team and how we approach building a robust digital marketing platform as passionate markers and marketers. We want to empower other marketers to be able to create fun experiences and engage authentically with their audiences.

Here's a recap of Ragnarokast Episode 3: Making Capture Fun:

Eagle-eyed YouTube viewers will notice that Spencer starts off the show rocking some sunglasses from Goodr, who happens to be one of favorite brands. We had the opportunity to create a quiz for Goodr that helps customers pick out sunglasses based on their preferences, style, and needs. We grew up on Buzzfeed quizzes, but instead of taking a “What Disney Princess are you?” quiz, this helps you pick out a cool pair of shades. The quiz is a great example of how data capture can be fun and a seamless on-brand experience.

Spencer discusses how Goodr has such a cool and humorous brand voice, and we were glad to be able to bring that to the quiz. I pointed out that funny enough, of all of the features we offer (seamless integrations with your existing tech stack, endless options for customization with custom JS, etc) the thing our customers are most excited about is how well we can match their branding with custom fonts, colors, and button styles.

As a power user who has created Digioh campaigns and strategies for more than 20 companies, Melanie understands how much you can do with the platform. Instead of just setting up an email capture and forgetting about it, Melanie asks the question, “How can we use this and align it with our content calendar?” and creates experiences around what’s relevant at the moment. So that could be polls about popular TV shows, themed holiday sales, a new launch—anything relevant to current goals and campaigns. 

Melanie offered up some great tips about how to get the most out of the Digioh marketing platform:

  • Set specific goals such as capture more email, drive conversions, recommend products
  • Use quizzes to engage authentically without being super “salesy”
  • Get more email addresses organically with quizzes by delivering value
  • Use polls to get more site engagement
  • Capture emails with strong offers and deals

We also talked about how gamifying pop-ups and forms can make things more exciting. Using a “click to reveal” deal or asking a poll question before making an offer are fun ways to drive engagement.

Example of a survey question before offering a discount. This lightbox asks users what kind of dress they are shopping for in exchange for 20% off.
Asking visitors questions about themselves in a mini survey is a fun and natural way to get to know your customers.

Overall, we love finding ways to make content and data capture not stuffy. A super long form can sometimes be daunting to fill out, but breaking it down into a conversational form is more digestible, friendly and natural.

Example of a conversational form that asks customers one question at a time instead of making them fill out a long form. This one relates to buying a house and asks questions about number of bedrooms, amenities, buying or renting, etc.
A conversational form asks the same questions as a normal form, but is more fun and easiler to digest.

We also talked about the stigma that comes with web marketing and the importance of transparency and consent. Melanie pointed out how cookie consent, email signup pop-ups, banners sliding in all at once can be really overwhelming. Creating curated experiences with bite-sized pieces of content, at specific times can be less confusing. And showing personalized experience based on what a visitor is currently browsing adds value and just makes intuitive sense.

And finally, the most pressing thing on everyone’s mind… we delve into the origin behind the name Digioh and whether or not it is in fact a reference to Saturday morning anime shows.

Digioh + Yugioh = Digioh

For that answer though, you’ll just have to listen to the podcast. ;)

Thanks again to the Ragnarok team for inviting us to join your show! It was an honor to be a guest and really fun!

Ragnarokast: Making Capture Fun

Listen now:

Jace Farran
Head of Demand Gen
Jace Farran is Digioh's Head of Demand Gen with an extensive background in web design. He has direct experience in eCommerce, publishing, and agency settings, working in a wide range of areas, including email marketing, content, and social media marketing. Jace is passionate about providing valuable content and communicating through design. He lives in New York with his family.

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