Spring Clean Your Routine for Success with Marketing Industry Innovators

April 27, 2023
Michaela Barriga

Leaders from Digioh partners share their tips for improving their everyday lives, routines, and habits this spring.

Spring is the time for refreshing your spirits and home after winter. To hang up the heavy coats and say hello to the flowers. A seasonal shift where we spend more time enjoying beautiful weather and breathing fresh air.

And with the fresh air comes the urge to freshen up our lives with some spring cleaning. Saying goodbye to the things that aren’t serving us and hello to the new and improved. 

To celebrate, we turned to some leaders from our partners and invited them to share one thing they’re saying goodbye to and one thing they’re saying hello to in their everyday life, routine, and work. We asked them to share the tools, habits, apps, and so on that they are retiring and the ones they are embracing for higher productivity, improved efficiency, and overall happiness in their everyday work.

Read through everyone below or jump to a response below!

shamir duverseau of smartpanda labs

Shamir Duverseau: Goodbye Excel, Hello Airtable

I loved Excel, if you can love a piece of software. But then came Airtable, and my heart was stolen! A friend stumbled upon Airtable and began experimenting with it. They once had a love by the name of Excel too, but they were wooed. Once I was introduced, I was too. 

Airtable is what you get if Excel and Access had a baby in the cloud. It adds structure and versatility in a way Excel struggles to, providing not only a database for general info and calculations, but for requirements, specifications, and more. Things are so much more organized, and so much more easily so. This spring, give Airtable a try. She'll steal your heart too!

Shamir Duverseau is from Smart Panda Labs, a strategic digital experience agency that helps enterprise organizations in the early stages of digital transformation with managed and consulting services.

ian mahanes of klaviyo

Ian Mahanes: Goodbye Morning Screentime, Hello Morning Sunlight!

Now I can't claim to have come up with this one as I heard it on an Andrew Huberman podcast. However, over the past few months, I’ve silenced notifications in the morning and started spending 15-30 minutes sitting outside to relax and take in sunlight before opening my laptop. In the past, most mornings I'd spring out of bed to the sound of a 6am Slack notification that leads me into a full day of work. Since adding 15-30 minutes to my morning routine to sit outside I am in a much happier mood, do not stress about little things at work, and am able to focus for longer periods of time. Now that it's spring... NO EXCUSES!

Here is a clip from Andrew Huberman on the topic.

Ian Mahanes is from Klaviyo, a marketing automation platform with a built-in customer data platform (CDP)—businesses of all sized use Klaviyo to deliver personalized experiences across owned marketing channels, like email and SMS.

kate cassidy of tydo

Kate Cassidy: Goodbye Email in Bed, Hello Morning Ritual

This winter I fell into the habit of checking Slack & email from bed—the moment my alarm went off. I’d start my morning immediately in work mode—and distracted by “the latest” (not necessarily the most important). Lately, I’ve stopped checking-in first thing & built a morning ritual for myself. Put on a great outfit > eat a hearty breakfast > drink coffee > listen to Up First. When I sit down at my desk, I feel gratitude for the time I gave myself and am ready to give work my complete attention. 

Kate Cassidy is from Tydo. Tydo organizes complex data for DTC brands into a rich and intuitive platform. Data that you can use to make clear decisions and harness to take deliberate action. Data that moves with the currents of your business. Let’s get clarity and make waves together!

greg bauman from adquadrant

Greg Bauman: Goodbye Evening Screentime, Hello Healthy Nighttime Routine

As a native Californian/Oregonian now in North Carolina, everything tends to be later on the east coast.  It's easy to get caught up in the latest show and melt your brain checking various apps on your phone.  I'm very focused on being intentional about winding down and having a healthier nighttime routine.  To cease screen time at least an hour before bed, read more frequently, and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  But, if my favorite west coast sports team is playing in the playoffs, I may have to make an exception! :) 

Greg Bauman is from adQuadrant. adAQuadrant is a team of e-commerce brand builders specializing in creative, omni-channel and attribution strategies, and full-funnel execution.

alexandracassis of mentionme

Alexandra Cassis: Goodbye Sleeping In, Hello Morning Workouts

I have never been much of a morning person, but I’ve pushed my wake-up time further and further back since going fully remote three years ago. I recently started working for a UK-based company where mornings are now my busiest time, and I have also started to go back into the office a couple days a week, which has made me realize how much I need to change my habits. I am not the type of person who can wake up and hit the ground running, so I’m working on waking up a bit earlier each day and moving my body. Starting the day with some movement gets my brain working and helps me clear that morning brain fog so I can take on the day.

Alexandra Cassis is from MentionMe, which empowers brands to harness the exponential power of fans through referral.

william herlands of fondue

William Herlands: Goodbye Scattered-Meeting-Schedule, Hello Organized Blocks

Rearranging time to reduce mental switching costs has been incredible. Structuring the time I spend in meetings into hyper-focused work/meeting sessions has been a huge unlock. Our projects are getting done faster - and we’re accomplishing more on all fronts.

William Herlands is from Fondue, a cashback alternative to coupons that helps brands drive profitable growth and empowers shoppers to choose the incentive that means the most to them.

Springtime Success

Thank you to all of our contributors for your morning and evening routine hacks, schedule organization strategies, and recommended apps! Great work starts with taking care of yourself, your routine, and switching to the habit or technology that will serve you better in the long run. Every contribution today is from one of our partners, so click on their picture to connect with their company and explore how their solution can refresh your business as we go into spring and summer!

Michaela Barriga
Content & Partner Marketing Manager
Michaela is Digioh’s Content & Partner Marketing Manager and oversees all things content and partner connection. With a passion for helping businesses grow stronger through organization and authentic connection, Michaela has worked with small and large businesses in copywriting, content creation, and project organization. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and their 2 black lab mixes.

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