Digioh for Developers

Digioh is more than a drag-and-drop form builder. With a powerful JavaScript development environment, Digioh blends ease of use for marketers with flexibility for developers.

Digioh functions as a “post-processor” for your website user interface. Deployed via JS tag, Digioh allows the dynamic display of pop-ups, forms, and other calls-to-action on your site.

While we provide plenty of functionality out-of-the-box, Custom JS enables further customization for implementing the last mile of advanced use cases.
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"Digioh is more than just a lightbox form builder, it is a full-on JavaScript platform that allows you to pretty much do anything."

Custom JavaScript Development Framework

In addition to a user-friendly Box Editor and trigger Condition Builder, Digioh offers developers a Custom JS Development Framework designed for customizability, extensibility, and interoperation.


Digioh provides ample flexibility out of the box, but you can also:

  • Implement your own form data verification using custom algorithms, in-house APIs, or third-party APIs.
  • Integrate with proprietary back-end systems for dynamic logic and form data submissions.
  • Bring your own data, with file and font hosting on our CDN, plus custom event logging.

Digioh's Custom JavaScript runs alongside other JavaScript on your site, whether your own or third-party JS.

  • Access cookies, local storage, dataLayer, JS variables, and anything in the DOM.
  • Asynchronous features allow you to wait for other JS to resolve.
  • Send data to Google Analytics & any other event-based BI system.
  • Automatically export data via SFTP or S3 for batch processing.

Digioh provides multiple ways to extend the functionality of the platform to meet your needs.

  • Create custom Box Conditions that reflect your business logic using Digioh's flexible Conditions Editor.
  • Access a wide range of useful functions with Digioh's powerful API.

Digioh provides the features expected of a development environment:

  • JavaScript editor with syntax highlighting and error checking
  • QA Mode and Publish Lock for testing changes in live environments
  • Version control with unlimited backup and restore
  • Console log hygiene controls
  • Account-level, website-level, and Box-level JavaScript
Access Controls

Restrict access to Custom Javascript.

Only authorized users can change Custom JS. This allows for clean, secure separation of marketing activities (designing & publishing boxes) from development activities.
Global JavaScript

Manage JavaScript across multiple websites.

With Global JS, you can implement helper functions and centralize custom business logic across multiple Digioh accounts and multiple websites.

Turnkey Integrations

Digioh integrates with hundreds of ESPs, CRMs, CDPs, shopping carts, analytics tools, and other marketing technology, including proprietary solutions.

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