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ecommerce pop-up use cases

1) eCommerce Product Quiz Example

Product recommendation quizzes are an engaging way to grow your email list and collect zero-party data. With a product quiz, your visitors get personalized recommendations, and you get an engaged subscriber.
product preference quiz for ecommerce on mobile and desktop
  • Customize quizzes with multiple questions and branching logic.
  • Collect first- and zero-party data with one-click buttons, multi-selectors, and other custom fields.
  • Seamlessly segment your new subscribers and follow up with relevant content.

Product Quiz Demo

2) Dynamic Pop-Up Example

Our dynamic lightboxes and pop-ups offer unlimited personalization options. Add dynamic content by pulling from URLs, UTM parameters, and jQuery selectors — all without touching your website code.

dynamic pop-up example on mobile and desktop
  • Personalize your website with ease by including dynamic content in pop-ups and inline forms.
  • Add dynamic images, text, HTML and more.
  • In this example, toggle between the categories and watch the images and text change.

Dynamic Lightboxes Demo

3) Sticky Website Banner Example

Pin an announcement or free shipping promotion to the top of your page with the Sticky Banner. It's visible without being intrusive, and visitors can choose whether to submit their email or hide the banner.
sticky website banner for mobile and desktop devices
  • Optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Customize banners to match your branding and seasonal offers.
  • Add dynamic content to your banner to promote unique coupon codes or free shipping thresholds.

Sticky Banner Widget Demo

4) Full-Screen Lightbox Pop-Up Example

Target new visitors with a full-page "Welcome Wall" that provides offers in exchange for their email.

full-screen lightbox pop-up
  • Optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile.
  • Customize to match your branding, seasonal offers, etc.
  • Target first-time visitors, referral traffic, and more with flexible targeting conditions.

Welcome Wall Demo

5) QA Widget Example

With QA widgets, you can automate customer service while still providing personalized responses. Pass responses to your ESP so you can respond by email.

QA widget pop-up example
  • Personalize widgets with dynamic content (pulled from UTM parameters, URLs, and jQuery selectors).
  • Add text fields, checkboxes, drop-down fields, date fields, and more.
  • Add additional pages for further questions.

QA Widget Demo

6) Exit-Intent Lightbox Example

Visitor about to exit? Give them an incentive to join your newsletter, and build the relationship over email.

exit-intent pop-up lightbox example displayed on mobile and desktop screens
  • Works on mobile too (with our Idle Timer setting).
  • Fine-tune the targeting with our conditions editor.
  • Grow your list with our built-in integrations to 400+ technology providers.

Exit Intent Demo

7) Cart Abandonment Pop-Up Example

Most visitors don't make a purchase right away. Offer to email visitors a list of the items they browsed or added to their cart. Add an extra incentive like a free gift or dynamic coupon code, and watch your conversions increase.

personalized cart abandonment pop-up that shows images of items that were previously viewed
  • Digioh pulls and displays the last 3 items viewed by your website visitor.
  • Combine this widget with exit-intent to prevent site abandonment.
  • A/B test different copy variations to see which results in the highest conversions.

Browsed Items Lightbox Demo

8) Exit-Intent Countdown Timer Example

Many visitors who add items to their cart will abandon your site. Nudge shoppers and create urgency with an Exit-Intent pop-up that shows a Countdown timer.

countdown timer pop-up displayed on a desktop and mobile device
  • Easily add timer scripts to your widgets and lightboxes (or just ask us for help!)
  • Use our Idle Timer setting to target visitors who haven't taken any action for a set amount of time.
  • Non-intrusive but effective.

Exit-Intent Checkout Timer Demo

9) Checkout Upsell Widget Example

Increase average order values by suggesting complementary products based on shopping cart contents. With dynamic content, you can display the amount needed before shoppers reach a free shipping threshold.

ecommerce upsell widget that recommends similar products that allow shoppers to reach the free shipping threshold
  • Populate the lightbox with dynamic content based on cart items.
  • Increase conversions by adding in a limited-time offer.
  • Make it easy to shop: allow your visitor to add the offer item to their cart with one click.

Checkout Upsell Widget Demo

10) Insert Buttons Widget

Add extra buttons to your website, without waiting for IT to add extra code to your website. For example, add an envelope widget to your navigation bar that displays an opt-in form on click.

example of an inline button added to a website dynamically
  • Add in buttons right from your Digioh dashboard (using jQuery selectors)
  • Use trigger conditions and targeting to control when and where your widgets are displayed
  • Use dynamic content to display personalized images or text

Insert Buttons Widget Demo

11) Product Recommendations Example

Encourage visitors to continue shopping and add more items to their cart with product recommendations.

inline product recommendation box
  • Add widgets to your site without touching your website code using jQuery selectors.
  • Increase conversions by customizing the widget with dynamic content.
  • Non-intrusive: this widget blends into your site (scroll down to the bottom of the description to see it appear)

Product Recommendations Widget Demo

12) Coupon Pop-Up Example

Increase coupon redemption rates with a banner or sidebar widget that gently reminds visitors about available discounts without being intrusive.

sticky coupon pop-up reminder
  • Limit coupon abuse with dynamic coupons that limit coupon code use to one per IP address.
  • Encourage coupon redemption with a click-to-copy coupon code.
  • Set up banners or pop-ups to display to returning visitors until they complete their purchase.

Sticky Coupon Widget Demo

13) 2-Step Email + Mobile Number Capture

Increate email list growth and SMS opt-ins with a 2-step widget.

two-step email and mobile number capture widget for email and sms list growth
  • Capture email addresses on step one, then invite customers to opt into SMS communication.
  • Because visitors have completed the first step, they're more likely to commit to the second.

2-Step Email + Phone Number Widget Demo

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