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The most flexible way to launch high-converting quiz funnels.

Put your website to work for you! Capture leads, collect data, and convert customers with a custom quiz funnel for your site.

  • On-brand, mobile-friendly, pixel-perfect design.
  • Embed your quiz on your site, or show it in a pop-up.
  • Personalize your quizzes with previously-captured responses.
  • Increase quiz completion rates with promotional teaser pop-ups.
  • Supports branching logic, question weighting, and calculations.
  • Pass all responses to your ESP, eCommerce platform, and more.

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Power your quiz funnel marketing with Digioh.

Lead Quizzes
Improve ROAS by directing paid traffic to a high-converting lead capture quiz.
Product Recommendations
Create repeat customers by showing site visitors their perfect product.
Product Bundle Quizzes
Increase average order value by recommending multiple products at once.
Calculator Quizzes
Provide personalized scores based on how visitors answer questions.
Personality Quizzes
Learn about your site visitors as they learn about themselves with a fun quiz.
Conversational Quizzes
Convert more visitors by guiding them to the right content for their needs.

Launch any quiz funnel, any way.

drag and drop form builder for creating conversational forms

Bring your vision to life with a flexible quiz editor.

  • Create quizzes with flexible input types and unlimited pages.
  • Stay on-brand with custom fonts, colors, images, and CSS.
  • Prevent form abandonment with progress bars, tooltips, and auto-progress buttons.
  • Add branching logic, scoring, and weighted questions.

Choose pop-up or embedded quizzes.

With Digioh, you choose exactly how quizzes appear on your site:

  • Trigger pop-up quizzes on button click.
  • Show quizzes to visitors based on targeting criteria.
  • Add quizzes to a landing page.
  • Embed quizzes in an existing part of your site.

Personalize your quiz funnels.

Use responses captured during the quiz to personalize the quiz experience.

Show personalized recommendations or scores based on how visitors complete your quiz.

Then, pass all captured quiz data to your marketing automation platform for further personalization.

Fill your quiz funnel faster.

Get more value from your quizzes by promoting them on your site with pop-up teasers and banners.

Target visitors any way you like.

targeted conversational forms

Control exactly where and when quizzes appear with 20+ targeting/trigger conditions, including page URL, exit-intent, time on page, referral source, pages viewed, geolocation, cookie values, and device.

Integrate with your existing tech.

quiz funnels integrated shopify, attentive, klaviyo, and more

Put your data to use using integrations with hundreds of ESPs, CDPs, and more:

  • Email/SMS: Send all quiz responses and results to your email/SMS platform for personalized messaging.
  • eCommerce: Pull inventory data for real-time pricing, out-of-stock items, one-click Add to Cart, and more.
  • Analytics: Pass events to Google Analytics or other business intelligence platforms for enhanced reporting.

More than a quiz funnel solution.

With Digioh, you don't just get another piece of tech; you get our team of full-service experts on your side.

We'll design, build, and integrate your quiz for you to ensure a successful launch.

Then, when you're ready, we'll hand you the keys to your new lead-generating machine!

Ready to capture more data, leads, and revenue? Let's talk.

Customer Success Stories

See why leading marketers trust Digioh.

With a wealth of features, integrations, and a dedicated support team, Digioh is the easiest way to increase conversions. But don't take our word for it; see how our customers are doing more with Digioh.
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Matt K., RollingStone.com
Senior Manager, Email Marketing
"With Digioh, we capture 2x more subscribers, and we've increased our email opens, clicks, and revenue."
the penny hoarder logo
Yasmin M., ThePennyHoarder.com
VP  Digital Marketing
"With Digioh, we created email & SMS capture widgets that are personalized based on content users consume on our site.  This was key to our success in scaling our email database and readership to over 1M subscribers, in addition to the launch of our SMS channel. We also used their Google Analytics integration to segment our most valuable audience cohorts based on engagement with high ROI content. I highly recommend Digioh to any publisher looking to grow their email & SMS audiences and revenue."
Josh, Venture Beat
"Their technical expertise and advanced problem solving is extremely helpful in generating custom code for our WordPress site for the specific needs we have.

Their customer support is second-to-none as any time we run into an issue or need advice on best practices, they are prompt to respond and work with us on addressing our needs."
Kay K., Children's Medical Center
"The support team is awesome to work with—they've even built custom scripts for us—and are always prompt and courteous in answering our questions."

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