Marketing cloud preference center

Now you can build completely custom Marketing Cloud preference centers

Digioh gives you full control over the look and feel of your preference coding required.
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Drag and drop to build Marketing Cloud-integrated preference centers...on your own domain

Use our drag-and-drop editor to build your preference page from one of our templates. Add custom fonts and upload your own images. Seamlessly connect to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions and lists.

Have a custom design in mind? We'll build your custom preference center design and load it into the design editor so your team can easily make updates and changes.

With Digioh you can stay true to your brand by using your own domain for all your subscription centers.
exacttarget preference center

Capture subscriber data with custom profile centers

Ensure that your subscribers get personalized content that matters to them. Create a custom profile center and use their responses to add them to relevant lists or data extensions.

Digioh gives you the ability to add in unlimited custom fields including text fields, dropdown fields, checkboxes, custom fields and hidden fields.
Marketing cloud profile center

Make updates to your data extensions and lists in real time

With Digioh's flexible Marketing Cloud integration, you get to make changes in real time
  • Unsubscribe or shift subscribers to different data extensions and lists
  • Update subscriber email addresses or other personal information
  • Update/add new records to your master databases
Create GDPR compliant preference centers

Personalize your preference centers with dynamic content

Want to create a personalized experience for your subscribers? With Digioh, you can personalize every aspect of your preference centers. For example:
  • Display your subscriber's email address in the email field at the top of the page (and allow them to make edits)
  • Suggest other lists they may be interested in, based on their current subscriptions
  • Display a custom "Thank you page" message, depending on lists they joined/unsubscribed from
dynamic preference center example

Understand why your subscribers unsubscribed

When someone unsubscribes, it's useful to find out why. Build a custom unsubscribe survey with Digioh, and get valuable feedback that will help you reduce your unsubscribes.
unsubscribe survey

Give your subscribers the option to pause emails

Sometimes your subscribers just need a break. Instead of making them unsubscribe forever, give them the option to pause your emails for a set amount of time.
Pause subscriptions instead of unsubscribe

Build Marketing Cloud-integrated landing pages

Need to build a landing or registration page that's integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Digioh empowers you to quickly launch custom landing or registration pages, using your own domain.

Need a specific design? We'll build it for you! You can make any changes or updates in the drag-and-drop editor.
Marketing Cloud landing pages

Transparent, month-to-month pricing

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With Digioh, your Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration is guaranteed

Instead of leaving you to figure things out on your own, Digioh sets up your Marketing Cloud-integrated preference centers exactly the way you want them.

Our support reps are here for you, no matter the question. Whether you need custom code, or advice on how to increase conversions, we've got you covered. Need a true-to-your-brand, custom preference center design? Just ask!

Request a demo of Digioh today and we’ll give you a personalized tour of Digioh and our Marketing Cloud integration.
Their customer support is second-to-none as any time we run into an issue or a need advice on best practices, they are prompt to respond and work with my team and I on addressing our needs.
Josh, Venture Beat
Digioh has been super helpful in helping us capture new website users and grow our email audience as well as revenue. We use Digioh on our Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform (DemandWare). It was super easy to implement (simple javascript) and the Digioh team fully integrated us into our email marketing software as well as helped us with initial designs. We were up and running in less than a day.
Ben, Spy+
The support team is awesome to work with - they've even built custom scripts for us - and are always prompt and courteous in answering our questions.
Kay K., Children's Medical Center

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