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Preference Page Examples

See real examples of preference center pages, powered by Digioh's page builder.

Lower your unsubscribe rate by up to 30%.

Capture zero-party data and give customers the email experience they deserve with a custom preference center for any ESP.
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"With the Digioh preference center, we've seen an exact 30% decrease in unsubscribes and a 5% decrease in complaint rates, which is fantastic on both counts."
Jordan H.

Customer Preference Page Examples

Take a look at how Digioh enables brands to put their subscribers in control of the communication they receive.
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Preference Center Templates

Digioh's preference center builder provides plenty of templates to help you launch preference pages and other landing pages quickly.
Here are just a few of the templates you get with Digioh.
preference center template with images

Membership Center

Basic in design but not functionality, this template provides space for allowing users to manage membership options. Configure checkboxes to let users opt into SMS communication and more.

The Easiest Way to Launch a Custom Preference Center

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