Responsive Form Builder

Build mobile pop-ups and forms with ease.

Grow your email and SMS lists quickly with responsive design features, mobile & desktop previews, A/B testing, and device targeting.

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responsive form example built with mobile form editor
"Digioh is the power tool you didn't know you needed... I've generated millions of leads over the course of my career, and Digioh is by far my favorite forms tool to date."
-Nate S.

Design responsive mobile pop-up forms.

Create one widget that looks beautiful on all devices using Digioh's responsive form builder.

responsive pop-up form example

Grow your SMS marketing list with frictionless opt-in on mobile.

Grow your SMS list quickly by adding one-tap mobile opt-in widgets to your site. These widgets pre-populate an opt-in text in your visitors' native text messaging app. All users have to do is hit send, and they're added to your SMS marketing list.
one-tap capture form for sms marketing
design mobile pop-ups and forms

Create on-brand mobile pop-ups, capture forms, quizzes, and surveys.

Get pixel-perfect control of every form element (buttons, text, images, HTML). Adjust width, height, and position to the nearest pixel to build the perfect widget for your mobile audience.

Track mobile conversion rates with ease.

With a quick glance, know which of your lightboxes are performing the best. Get pageview, impression, and submission data for each lightbox. Drill down to view the email address, web source, geolocation, and date for each submission collected. You can even display custom field data collected for each lead.

mobile conversion rate tracking

Show the right pop-up with device detection.

Need to show specific widgets on mobile only? Want to restrict lightbox display to desktop? With Digioh's device detection, you can target specific devices and browsers to display the widget that makes the most sense.
device detection for popups
mobile email popup banner example

Double your conversion rate.

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