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Seamlessly turn browsers into subscribers and customers. Digioh integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and more.
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How Digioh helps you grow your audience and revenue

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Dynamic Forms

Personalize your forms with dynamic images and text. Digioh makes it easy with a code-free dynamic content editor.
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One-tap Mobile Optin

Boost conversions by enabling one-tap SMS optin for your mobile visitors. Digioh also validates phone & email submissions.
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Real-time Integrations

Real time integrations with SFCC, SFMC and hundreds of other marketing tools. Digioh will even set up custom integrations.
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Browse & Cart Abandonment

From browse to checkout, Digioh recovers more abandonment events, all through a seamless integration with your ESP of choice (including SFMC).
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Ecommerce Conversion Suite

With product recommendation quizzes, coupons, back-in-stock notifications, and tiered discounts, Digioh is designed to boost your revenue.
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Targeting Conditions

Digioh gives you granular control over the display of your forms with the most advanced targeting and trigger conditions.

Trigger cart recovery emails that allow shoppers to continue exactly where they left off

Shoppers exiting before completing checkout? Digioh allows you to use JavaScript event listeners to grab shopper email addresses on a multi-step checkout. Send the email address, along with the items left in the user’s cart to SFMC (or your ESP of choice) to trigger shopping cart abandonment emails. Offer a personalized coupon or gift as an incentive to finish checking out.
shopping cart abandonment

Send back-in-stock notifications to shoppers who missed out

Don't lose the sale when an item goes out of stock. Automatically give shoppers the option to sign up for back-in-stock notifications, so they can return (and finish shopping) once the item is back in stock.
back-in-stock notification

Capture visitor emails on exit

Not all is lost when a visitor exits your site. Give them an incentive to subscribe to your email newsletter so you can continue to build the relationship over email.
Digioh makes it easy with exit-intent technology that detects when a visitor is about to leave (on desktop and mobile!).
exit intent pop up

Recommend relevant products with preference quizzes

Preference quizzes are a fun way to build your list and increase sales through personalized product recommendations. Digioh’s quizzes can be customized with multiple pages (great for conditional responses), text fields, dropdown fields, birthdate fields and checkboxes.
preference quizzes ecommerce

Increase order values with product recommendation widgets

Never miss out on upsell opportunities again. Digioh's product recommendation widgets can be placed on your product or checkout pages. Display highly relevant product suggestions, and watch your average order value increase.
product recommendation ecommerce

Give first-time visitors an incentive to purchase with dynamic, one-time use coupons

First-time visitors deserve a special welcome. Digioh allows you to specifically target first-time visitors, so you can present a first-time-visitor-only offer. Use a lighbox or full-screen overlay to display your offer.

Worried about coupon abuse? Use Digioh's dynamic, one-time-use coupons that can't be shared or used more than once.
first time visitor targeting

Encourage browsers to shop

Often, website browsers will get interrupted before they have a chance to check out.

Digioh allows you to give browsers an easy to way to continue browsing (and shopping) where they left off. Before they exit, offer to email them the exact products they were browsing.

Using Custom JS and a dynamic database, Digioh automatically pulls and displays the last 3 items viewed by your website visitor.
shopping cart abandonmentnt

Display personalized content on product and category pages

Digioh makes it easy to add personalized content to your product and category pages, without writing a line of code. Use our inline widgets to add text, buttons, and even sign-up forms...straight from the Digioh dashboard.

Digioh’s inline widgets can be positioned exactly where you want them by using jQuery selectors. No need to edit any HTML. Use Digioh’s conditions editor to control exactly where your inline widgets will display. (e.g. specific product/category pages).
website personalization

Display offers targeting specific referral sites

Want to offer a special discount for visitors from a specific referral site? For example: offer 10% off to visitors referred by Facebook. With Digioh's targeting editor, you can target by URL or by specific UTM tags.
targeted pop up

Personalize your widgets and lightboxes with dynamic content

Your website visitors are unique and they expect a personalized experience. Instead of displaying a generic lightbox to everyone, Digioh allows you to create dynamic lightboxes tailored to your visitors.

Digioh’s dynamic content editor allows you to add dynamic text, images, and HTML to your lightboxes and widgets. Display customized content according to page content, UTM parameters, URLs, and more.
dynamic content lightboxes

Ready to see how our Digioh can help you grow your Commerce Cloud site revenue?

We use Digioh's powerful form builder to display targeted offers to our website visitors. By segmenting our visitors by traffic source, we've been able to maximize and personalize the user experience - which ultimately resulted in increased sales.

Great tool! Highly recommend!
Leora, Teri Jon
Digioh has been super helpful in helping us capture new website users and grow our email audience as well as revenue. We use Digioh on our Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform (DemandWare). It was super easy to implement (simple javascript) and the Digioh team fully integrated us into our email marketing software as well as helped us with initial designs. We were up and running in less than a day.
Ben, Spy+
We have had great success with the Digioh app. It is very easy to use, and the lightboxes we've built using Digioh can be customized in a seemingly endless variety of ways (i.e., based on URL, geo-targeting, source, date, UTM code, etc.).

The support team is awesome to work with -- they've even built custom scripts for us -- and are always prompt and courteous in answering our questions.
Kay K., Children's Medical Center

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