Personalization & Targeting

Display dynamic forms personalized by source, page content, user behavior, and more.
Personalization & Targeting Editor

Control forms with powerful targeting & trigger conditions.

Selectively display forms based on 10+ conditions, including traffic source, page content, UTM parameters, geolocation, new/returning visitor, pages visited, exit intent, and device.
Dynamic Content

Personalize forms, widgets, and pages with Digioh's DIY dynamic editor.

Display dynamic content without writing a line of code. Pull from URL parameters, URLs, and jQuery selectors to dynamically display targeted images, text, and HTML in your forms and pages.
“We love that Digioh can embed forms that dynamically reflect the event info for the page the form appears on. Our forms are leagues apart from what they were before, and we can use targeted messaging to drive user engagement.”
Ash P.
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Drive sales with dynamic product recommendations.

Increase your cart value by suggesting complementary products, accessories, and add-ons. Use dynamic lightboxes to display the right up-sell or cross-sell for each product in your catalog.
Unique Incentives

Boost conversions with dynamic coupon codes.

Reduce coupon abuse and fraud with one-time use coupon codes. Pass codes to your ESP to include it in follow-up emails. Remind new subscribers of their coupon code every time they visit your website with personalized coupon code widgets.
Website Localization

Speak your customers' language with multilingual forms & pop-ups.

Show localized pop-ups and region-specific promotions by targeting your forms based on default browser language. Trigger different pop-ups for specific languages, or target language/region combinations for an even more personalized experience.
example of multilingual form for website localization

Start converting more website visitors today.

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