Digioh makes your Segment Data actionable

Forms, pop ups, paywalls, and landing pages

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Drag-and-drop forms, pop-ups & landing pages. 100% code-free
Integrated with Segment so you can push/pull data in real-time. Flexible & customizable integration
Target and personalize based on Segment Personas & more

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Share data in real time with a 2-way integration

Digioh offers a flexible integration that makes your Segment data actionable. No matter your use case, we can set up a custom integration to meet your needs.

  • Customizable read/write integration so you can pull in Segment data to use in your forms and landing pages, and share form/landing page data with Segment.
  • Pass data in real time when a lightbox page is displayed, submitted, closed or redirected.
Digioh integration with Segment
target Segment Personas on your site

Use custom rules to target Segment Personas on your website

Digioh offers an unmatched conditions editor that allows you to display your forms and lightboxes to the right person at the right time.

  • Target based on Segment data, including Personas. Over 20 targeting/trigger conditions allow you to precisely target your lightboxes & forms (for example, make a special offer to repeat customers).
  • Power paywalls based on Segment data. For example, only display a paywall to non-subscribers.

Personalize your forms, pop-ups and landing pages using your Segment data

Personalized content helps Digioh customers boost conversions by as much as 7x. With an easy-to-use dynamic content editor, Digioh empowers marketers to create personalized campaigns in minutes.

  • Add dynamic text or images to your forms, popups and landing pages. Personalize them based on Segment data, page URL, UTM parameters, on-page content, and more.
  • Make personalized recommendations based on Segment Persona data. For example, recommend content or products based on a visitor's Persona.
Dynamic lightboxes for Segment

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