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Ecommerce Tools

Digioh’s eCommerce tools use the power of personalization to collect more emails, get more customers, and earn more sales for your online store. Digioh is so good at reading cookie and HTML data that you can even get it to work as an intelligent product recommendations engine and an effective means to combat cart abandonment instances.

cart abandonment offer
Cart abandonment opt-in offer

Create personalized discount lightboxes to show to your subscribers/visitors who are on the checkout page but seem to be idle.

Analytics reports

Identify the sources and channels that drive the best-converting traffic to your store.

browse abandonment

Send follow-up emails to cookied visitors who leave before adding items to their cart.

shopping cart recovery
Shopping cart Recovery

Digioh’s JS listener events allow you to pass email addresses from your multi-step checkout to your ESP. Trigger cart abandonment emails that encourage visitors to complete their purchase.

exit intent lightbox

Visitor about to exit your checkout page? Display a personalized opt-in offer and capture their email before they leave.

dynamic keyword insertion

Personalize opt-in forms in real-time using keywords from your ad. So, if someone lands on your store looking for a ‘White T-shirt’, add this keyword to your opt-in offer dynamically and offer an X% discount on it to boost signups.


Digioh’s publisher tools address some of the most pressing lead generation and monetization challenges that publishers face.

subscriber account creation
Automatic Subscriber Account Creation

Automatically create a user account when a person subscribes. Digioh even adds the subscriber's location to this account, so you can use it segment your list as well.

ad suppression
LIGHTBOx ad suppression

Use ad slots to show both ads and signup forms without losing revenue. Digioh can sense when an ad is about to fire and suppresses signup forms at all such times.

dynamic cookie tracking
DYNAMIC cookie tracking

Target subscribers and general traffic differently with Digioh’s cookie tracking superpowers. Show cross-promotional offers/deals to subscribers and simple signup forms to other visitors.

ad blocker workarounds
special targeting rules for ad blockers & native ads

Find workarounds to handle ad blockers and show targeted offers to visitors who have already viewed some native ad on your site.

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