eCommerce Gamification Examples and Ideas to Up Your Engagement Game

June 20, 2023
Jace Farran

Up your marketing game with gamification! Gamified popups, quizzes, and widgets are entertaining, engaging, and effective.

If we’ve learned anything from years of capturing leads, it’s that capture can—and shouldbe fun! And not just because we like to have fun at work, but because creating interactive and engaging experiences for site visitors is effective. In fact, the gamification market is expected to grow to more than $32 billion by 2025. By bringing gamification to your eCommerce site with pop-ups and widgets, you can bring value to your audience, increasing time on site, brand affinity, and conversions. 

How to Bring Gamification to Your eCommerce Marketing

Your visitors probably aren’t coming to your website to play Doom in your footer (although… they absolutely could), but there are ways to gamify your site that make things fun, engaging, and rewarding for your customers.

Here are some examples of how gamification can be used in marketing:

  • Interactivity: Come up with creative ways to engage your users that go beyond filling a form. That could be as simple as asking a fun question, implementing a spin-to-win widget, or letting visitors choose a mystery prize.
  • Points: Award points for completing certain actions or answering trivia questions correctly. 
  • Leaderboards: Take points to the next level by displaying leaderboards to encourage friendly competition.
  • Public Polls: Similar to leaderboards, displaying how others answered poll questions can encourage engagement. 
  • Badges and Achievements: Give virtual badges or trophies to celebrate important milestones, and encourage customers to unlock more.
  • Progress Tracking: A visual representation of how close a customer is to their next achievement can be really motivating!
  • Rewards and Prizes: Of course, the best incentive is to get an actual prize, whether that’s a discount, exclusive content, or virtual currency. 
  • Quizzes and Surveys: Incorporate multiple gamification elements together with a marketing quiz or survey, such as points, milestones, progress, and rewards.
  • Contests: The prize for leaderboards is usually bragging rights, but up the stakes for competition with actual prizes.

Why Does Gamification Work for eCommerce?

Gamification encourages users to interact with your site, keeping them engaged longer. eCommerce gamification marketing taps into that “5 more minutes” mentality, holding attention longer because it’s enjoyable and interactive. Gamified pop-ups and widgets also provide clear incentives like points, prizes, and a sense of accomplishment.

Use gamification to build stronger customer relationships, encourage certain behaviors with incentives and rewards, and collect powerful insights. For example, you can encourage customers to complete a profile, shop more often, share content on social media, or refer a friend if they can unlock a new milestone or earn points.

Examples of eCommerce Gamification

There are many ways to gamify your pop-ups and website widgets that create excitement, encourage engagement, and make your customer experience memorable. 

Choose a Mystery Prize

Shoppers are used to seeing the same welcome offers on every site. In fact, email capture pop-ups are less effective than they were a few years ago because users take for granted that the same stale 10% off offer will always be there. One way to excite shoppers is with mystery offers.

Example of a Select your surprise offer pop-up for ecommerce gamification. Users click on a mystery gift box to reveal a random prize.
This email pop-up theme lets users choose from one of 3 surprise mystery offers, which is only revealed after they provide an email address.

Adding a game of chance to your email offer might be the nudge someone needs to sign up. 


People love to share their opinions and compare themselves to the popular consensus. An on-site poll can be a great way to engage your audience while learning about their tastes.

An example of an on-site poll where users can share their favorite ice cream.

And with live polling, visitors can see how their tastes stack up to others in real-time.

example of a website with a live polling widget


You can also gain valuable visitor insights with a mini-survey. Then, offer a reward, like a one-time use coupon code.

An example of a mini survey pop-up where users can answer a question about what kind of dress they are shopping for in exchange for 20% off.

Gamified Personality Quizzes

We know firsthand that quizzes are popular! More than a quarter of site visitors will take a quiz. While many eCommerce merchants use product recommendation quizzes to engage shoppers while driving sales, a personality quiz can be just as effective for gamifying engagement. Digioh customer Karl Lagerfeld's "What's Your Style" quiz allows shoppers to learn about their style, and in the meantime, Karl Lagerfeld learns about their shoppers. Plus, shoppers who complete the quiz earn a chance to win a $50 gift card, making for a double dose of marketing gamification.


You don’t have to build a complex quiz for engagement. A one-question mini-quiz can be enough to catch customer attention and provide satisfying results. 

Example of a mini product recommendation quiz for gamification
Andie users a mini quiz on their homepage to redirect shoppers to relevant products

In the example above, visitors answer a single question about what occasion they’re shopping for, and the quiz instantly redirects them to a product catalog page with the right filters.


Whether it’s an epic boss battle or an essay-writing contest, it feels good to win! Contests are great for gamification marketing because they incentivize competition with a prize.

Example of gamified marketing featuring a recipe contest by Allrecipes

Allrecipes offered a $5,000 prize for the best mushroom and ground meat recipe, then added another layer by giving $1000 to voters. Not a bad incentive for participation!

Add Gamification Elements to Your Marketing Surveys and Quizzes

Quizzes and surveys are inherently great for marketing gamification because they’re interactive, engaging, and rewarding. But there are ways you can apply gamification concepts to make them even more fun and captivating. 

Here are some ways you can use gamification in quizzes and surveys:

  • Provide points to users for answering questions.
  • Score quiz answers and provide a total score at the end.
  • Create milestones based on how many sections or steps are completed.
  • Use progress bars to encourage users to keep going.
  • Award a virtual trophy or badge for completing the quiz or survey.
  • Reward quiz and survey completions with a prize or discount.

Up Your Marketing Game with Gamification!

Ready to up your marketing game and increase engagement? Here are some more tips to captivate your viewers with gamification and other interactive content.

Digioh makes capturing data fun and integrates tightly with your technology. Want to learn more? Contact us, and we're happy to help.

Jace Farran
Head of Demand Gen
Jace Farran is Digioh's Head of Demand Gen with an extensive background in web design. He has direct experience in eCommerce, publishing, and agency settings, working in a wide range of areas, including email marketing, content, and social media marketing. Jace is passionate about providing valuable content and communicating through design. He lives in New York with his family.

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