10 eCommerce Quizzes We Love in 2023

October 1, 2023
Michaela Barriga

Looking for quiz inspiration? Here's our favorite eCommerce quizzes and what we love about them.

What makes an awesome eCommerce quiz?  In previous blogs we covered the mistakes to avoid, how to make a quiz that converts, and more. This time, we put together a few of our favorite eCommerce quizzes and what we love about them.

Some quizzes have great designs, a beautiful flow, effective promotion, or strategic questions, and some do it all! But before we dive in, let’s look at a few tried-and-true measures you can take to make your quiz successful.

3 Tips for Successful eCommerce Quizzes

Our Head of Onboarding, Eli, helps customers set goals and plan their eCommerce quiz. Here are her top three tips for guaranteeing your quiz's success!

  1. Drive Additional Traffic to Your Quiz: Don’t wait for people to come to your site to find your quiz. Share your quiz on social platforms, create paid ads, promote it to your email list, or find other opportunities to drive traffic to your quiz. 
  2. Consider a Soft Gate to Collect Emails: If email acquisition is one of your goals, add a "soft gate" that makes providing the email address optional, then incentivize customers to share their email with a value add (e.g. 15% or free shipping). This will help you collect emails while preventing as much drop-off as possible.
  3. Keep it Concise & Helpful for the Customer’s Need: Your quiz should be an experience that genuinely helps the users decide the best product for their individual needs. We’ve noticed best performance when eCommerce quizzes are no more than 10 pages.

10 eCommerce Quizzes We Love

Without Further Ado, Here are the Top 10 eCommerce Quizzes We Love & Why!

  1. Andie’s Swimmer Progress Bar
  2. The Hair Shop’s Pop-Up Hair Color Quiz
  3. BEDGEAR’s Informative Results Page
  4. Willow Adds Helpful “Did you know?” Along the Way
  5. TurtleFur’s Illustrations Mean Less Time Spent Reading
  6. Tweezerman Keeps Their Questions Consistent and Simple
  7. Moon Juice Emails Quiz Takers a Personalized “Prescription”
  8. AriZona Coffee Offers Multiple-Choice Answers
  9. Every Man Jack's Beard Quiz Lets Their Brand Voice Shine
  10. Big Ass Fans Provides a True Concierge Experience

1) Andie’s quiz features a swimming progress bar.

How can you keep users engaged while taking a quiz? Improving drop-off rates is one of our team's top priorities when creating and refining a quiz. Our team is in love with the progress bar on Andie's swimsuit quiz: instead of a simple progress bar, their quiz features an elegant swimmer that follows a visitor across the top as they take the quiz.

quiz with progress bar
Andie's quiz progress bar swims across the screen.

Why a progress bar? Shoppers want fast results. Showing them how far they are along on a quiz keeps them engaged. If the progress bar shows that they’re only one question away from their results, shoppers are more likely to finish your quiz. Here’s why we love Andie’s unique progress bar:

  • Their swimmer completely matches their site: no cookie-cutter quiz design here!
  • Having an idea of their status in the quiz decreases quiz taker's drop-off rates.

Even better, Andie Swim uses their quiz data to power automated email campaigns in Klaviyo, leading to a 55% increase in YoY email revenue!

2) The Hair Shop shows their quiz in a pop-up.

“Where should I put my quiz?” is a super common question we hear on our onboarding calls.

“I usually suggest that clients embed their quiz on a landing page," says Digioh senior designer Jace, "so they can easily link to it and have more flexibility in their design.”

However, he pulled up The Hair Shop’s quiz to show us an effective exception.

hair color quiz pop-up
The Hair Shop features their quiz on their product pages.

The Hair Shop’s product page has a link that says ‘What's my color?’ which launches their quiz in a lightbox without leaving the product page. It also explains some of the more complex questions with example photos. At the end, it shows your ideal hair color match as well as a few products, but the point really isn't to pull you away from the product page you're on. When you close the quiz, the ‘What's my color?’ link is replaced by your ‘Recommended Color.’”

"The Hair Shop’s quiz also remembers your customer’s color going forward," Jace notes, “so when you browse other products on their site, your recommended color will appear on all of the product pages immediately.”

W love how The Hair Shop allows shoppers to open their quiz from any product page, get their answer, close the box, and choose the product that matches their recommended color. 

This is an awesome example of:

  • Using a customer’s data throughout their shopping experience
  • Awesome quiz placement that makes sense for their specific business model
  • Answering a customer’s question right when they have it

3) BEDGEAR’s eCommerce quiz shows the "why."

There’s a hidden opportunity within your eCommerce product quiz: customer education. Shoppers often take quizzes because they don’t know which product they need, so don’t stop at recommending a product; tell them why it’s the best fit!

ecommerce quizzes like bedgear's prvoide informative results pages
BEDGEAR's quiz results page breaks down the reasoning for every recommendation.

See how much detail BEDGEAR fits in their results page! Every quiz question informs the result, and they tell you how at the end. Do you have a firm mattress? “Your pillow should work in harmony with your mattress…and that’s why we matched you with…” they share on this results page. Do you get hot when you sleep? They’ll match you with a pillow designed to stay cool. And so on. 

Here’s what we love about BEDGEAR’s results page:

  • Shoppers are more likely to purchase when they see why your product is perfect for them
  • A knowledgeable company builds trust with customers
  • An informative results page shows you’re not just choosing a random product for them; it really is their best choice

4) Willow helpfully answers questions for new moms.

Being a new mom can be hard. Many questions arise with this new season of life, and Willow helps new moms every step of the way. We love how Willow chose to build two forms: a product quiz to help shoppers find the right pump, and a sizing guide to help them identify exactly the right size for them.

Something unique about Willow’s product quiz is just how informative it is. After each answer, Willow adds a helpful “Did you know?” with facts about breastmilk and how their products help breastfeeding moms. They educate the customer as they take the quiz. Sharing knowledge builds trust with a customer. You deliver value even before their purchase!

example of a pop-up on an ecommerce quiz
Willow's "did you know" pop-ups educate expecting mothers as they progress through the quiz.

In addition to their product quiz, Willow built a second form as a sizing guide. Shoppers can compare measurements and sizes quickly on a sidebar that comes out on the product page. Those who still have questions can go through a detailed sizing guide and measure using a phone app (also a great way to drive app downloads!) or a helpful printout.

willow results page that links to an ecommerce fit finder quiz
Clicking the "size guide" brings up a helpful chart. For shoppers who need more information, Willow also provides an interactive size finder.

While there are many great things about Willow’s quizzes, here’s why we love them in particular:

  • They educate their customers along the way, bringing immediate value to the relationship
  • They convert hesitant shoppers into confident buyers
  • Their custom quiz theme is on-brand

5) TurtleFur illustrates their quiz questions.

TurtleFur’s headgear quiz accommodates all customers from the beginner skier to the seasoned competitor. We love how they incorporate shapes, colors, and images in many of their quiz questions to make the experience more interactive. The pictures and colors used are intentional and both match the TurtleFur brand and the ski community. 

quiz for ecommerce site with image button answer choices
Turtlefur uses lots of imagery in their eCommerce quiz's answer choices.

Illustrations like this make quizzes easier with less time spent reading. Customers want to stay entertained and get bored quickly. The smoother your quiz process is, the fewer people will abandon before submitting.

In summary, here’s what we love about TurtleFur’s quiz:

  • Provides great insights about where the customer is at in their skiing journey for future marketing efforts
  • On-brand quiz visuals that make the quiz quick and fun
  • Offers an “I don’t know” option to keep the customer from abandoning the quiz or getting stuck

6) Tweezerman keeps quiz questions consistent and simple.

We love to see quiz designs that blend seamlessly with a site. Generic quizzes can be distracting to users, distracting them from who you are. So many of the quizzes we’ve mentioned so far do a fantastic job of branding their quiz in a completely custom way. And Tweezerman’s “Which Tweezer is Right for You?” quiz is a great example of a quiz that carries a consistent design throughout the entire experience with simple black and white colors. Their quiz shows custom doesn’t have to be complicated.

example of an ecommerce quiz with clean design
Tweezerman opts for clean, stylish simplicity in their quiz design.

Tweezerman also does something interesting at the end of the quiz: they ask for the shopper’s email but add a “Skip to Results” option. This is a great way to prevent shoppers from dropping off the quiz without making a purchase.

skip to results button at the end of an ecommerce quiz
The "skip to results" button prevents visitors from dropping off if they don't want to provide their email address.

It is helpful to have an email, but some of our customers see more purchase conversions when they allow the shopper to skip sharing their email. When it comes to deciding whether or not to add a “Skip to Results” button, we always recommend an A/B test to decide which performs better for you. Remember, if a customer makes a purchase, you can always capture their email at that point.

In short, here’s what we love about Tweezerman’s quiz:

  • Simple but completely custom design
  • They establish a shopper’s budget right away
  • Their first question tells them demographic information to help them better market to customers

7) Moon Juice emails quiz takers a personalized “prescription”.

The quiz itself is far from the only part of the quiz experience. Just as important are your quiz results page and post-quiz email, and Moon Juice nails all of these.

Moon Juice’s quiz asks visitors about their health concerns before connecting them with the right skin care and supplement products for their goals on a Shopify quiz results page.

animated example of an ecommerce quiz for skin care and supplements
Moon Juice's quiz guides shoppers towards a personalized Rx customized for their goals and concerns, all while providing them with a discount code.

After completing the quiz, quiz takers who provide their email address receive a personalized “prescription” in the form of a beautiful product recommendation email powered by Klaviyo.

dynamic klaviyo email shows product recommendations in the form of a prescription
With a dynamic Klaviyo email, each quiz taker receives a personalized follow-up.

If shoppers don’t purchase their recommended products at the point of quiz completion, following up with a recommendation email is a great way to nudge them towards the sale at a later date.

Here’s why Moon Juice’s eCommerce quiz has us over the moon:

  • Learns about shoppers with questions that address both skin and overall health concerns.
  • Dynamic recommendations page ensures every shopper receives a personalized result.
  • Beautifully on-brand follow-up email provides recommendations in an easily-accessible place.

8) AriZona's coffee quiz allows multiple answers

One great feature we love to see on a quiz is the ability for the user to choose more than one answer for the quiz when applicable. Imagine: you’re taking a quiz and more than one answer applies to you. What do you do? Some customers may exit when they get stuck like this. Others may choose the most applicable but wonder what their results would have been if they chose the other choice. Allowing the option to choose more than one choice is a quick solution.

coffee quiz with multiple flavor profiles selected

In addition to being visually attractive, AriZona’s coffee quiz allows users to choose more than one flavor profile for their coffee. 

Here’s all of what we love about AriZona’s coffee quiz:

  • Beautiful design: their quiz is fun and completely on-brand
  • Quick and concise, they are able to conclude the best product in under 8 questions
  • The multiple-choice option prevents customers from getting stuck or abandoning the quiz too early

9) Every Man Jack's beard quiz lets their brand voice shine with a conversational experience.

Why stop at featuring one eCommerce quiz on your site?

While Every Man Jack's skincare quiz does an amazing job connecting shoppers with a personalized skin routine, their beard quiz does the same for facial hair—all while entertaining shoppers in the process.

beard quiz example by every man jack
Every Man Jack's quiz promises to help your beard look "sweeter than stolen honey," and they deliver on that.

Their quiz takes their bearded site visitors through a conversational experience "hosted" by a cowboy with a prominent beard and an even bigger sense of humor. The copy used for the quiz questions (and often the answer choices themselves) delights quiz takers with every step, making them more likely to stick around to the end of the quiz, if only to see what our hilarious host will say next. If your brand's voice allows it, a quiz is the perfect opportunity to flex your creative muscles and let a bit of personality shine through.

beard quiz question that asks shoppers what their ideal beard looks like

Of course, the quiz isn't just an entertaining experience for the sake of it. Each quiz question is carefully crafted to capture zero-party data about customers' facial hair preferences, enabling Every Man Jack to personalize both quiz results and future customer communication.

Oh, and the quiz looks nice to boot!

In a nutshell, here's we love about Every Man Jack's Beard Quiz:

  • Hilariously conversational copy
  • First-name personalization
  • Multi-select options that capture every customer's facial hair goals and concerns

10) Big Ass Fans provides a true concierge experience that helps shoppers build their perfect fan.

It’s safe to say we’re big fans of Big Ass Fans and their concierge experience.

ecommerce quiz for big ass fans with product configurator options
The product configurator function of Big Ass Fans' fan concierge quiz helps shoppers build the best fan for their space.

Rather than simply match customers with a recommended product, this fan concierge quiz serves as more of a guided product configurator, helping shoppers build their perfect fan from the ground up (or rather, the ceiling down)!

But what makes this a concierge experience? With so many options available, selecting a fan can prove daunting. That’s why Big Ass Fans explains each option, providing the guidance necessary to make sure your fan is perfect.

Even better, they use a slide-out pop-up to promote their quiz to shoppers who browse their site. Like a helpful store employee, this gentle nudge ensures shoppers get the help they need, and it ensures Big Ass Fans sees a stronger return from their quiz investment.

Big Ass Fans promotes their quiz with a slider pop-up, increasing quiz completions and, therefore, revenue attributed to their quiz.

Here’s why we’re fans of the concierge quiz created by Big Ass Fans:

  • The product configurator function helps shoppers select the right options.
  • Helpful explainer text ensures shoppers make the right choices.
  • A targeted pop-up connects shoppers with a concierge experience.

BONUS: 3 More Tips for eCommerce Quizzes

If you decide to add a quiz to your eCommerce site, the opportunities lie beyond just leading a customer to one sale. And that’s the #1 thing our CEO, Rishi, had to say when I asked what advice he would give to eCommerce stores. He said the one thing many customers get wrong is thinking: “My quiz is only about selling a product.”

Here are Rishi’s top 3 tips for eCommerce businesses to remember when creating a quiz strategy:

#1: Your quiz is a trojan horse. Your quiz is not a site filter. There is so much more you can accomplish than getting one new sale. It’s all in the data. You can gather so much customer information through a quiz, so we generally recommend that your quiz contains at least one question that contributes to your bigger marketing decisions.

#2: Integrate quiz data with your ads and email marketing off your site. Your quiz responses are ammo for other marketing efforts. Integrate your shoppers’ interests with outside ads that follow them throughout the internet. Run targeted email campaigns that personalize their experience. 

#3: Leverage quiz data on your site. When your customer comes back or exits the quiz to shop your store again, customize your site to their unique preferences. This is easy to do because your quiz data knows all about what they’re looking for now. In other words: Personalize the shopper’s every experience. Set up dynamic coupons or pop-ups based on the product they’re shopping for.

Ready to launch an eCommerce Quiz this year?

We love quizzes! They are a fantastic way to drive revenue, learn who your customers really are, and personalize the shopper experience. The eCommerce quiz is an extremely powerful tool, and we’re excited to build more in 2023.

We highlighted just 10 quizzes in this blog. Check out our Quiz Examples for even more of the best eCommerce quizzes around, then take our question quiz to get a personalized list of recommended quiz questions!

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