Engagement Rate Optimization: Best Practices for Promoting Your Quiz

June 1, 2023
Jace Farran

Increase your product recommendation quiz engagement rate dramatically by following these tips for quiz promotion.

Product recommendation quizzes aren’t a fad, and we’ve got the data to prove it. Not only can quizzes help you collect valuable consumer-consented data and increase conversions up to 4X, they also help build better customer relationships through personalized digital concierge experiences. 

And that’s great…if users actually take your quiz.

Marketers know more than anyone that nothing online is a matter of “if you build it, they will come,” and quizzes are no different. So don't hide yours in the corner of your site—promote your quiz front and center, and your site will convert more than ever!

Our average quiz engagement rate is 20-25%—meaning around a quarter of all site visitors take the quiz. Sites with the highest quiz engagement rates (35%+) follow the best practices shown in the product recommendation quiz examples below.

Promoting Your Quiz on Your Site

Take advantage of your website’s traffic by getting your quiz in front of as many visitors as you can, especially if your quiz is vital to your sales process. If your quiz helps solve a major problem, like finding the right fit or teaching them about your special niche, you’ll convert more customers by making sure they know how to find it!

Navbar Link

Linking to your quiz in your navbar is a simple way to increase quiz engagement rates quickly.

bedgear website with a link to their quiz in their site navbar
Bedgear directs visitors to their quiz on every page by including a “Find Your Fit” link in the navbar.

Digioh customers like Andie and Bedgear earn some of the highest quiz engagement rates, in part because they include their quiz in their navigation.

andie website with a link to their quiz in a dropdown menu
Andie’s quiz is part of their strategy to help shoppers understand their sizing.

Not only does this make quizzes easy to find, but it also drives home that it’s a main page on their website. It’s that important, meaning curious shoppers will click.

Homepage Hero Section

First impressions matter, so make a strong one by promoting quizzes on your homepage. Embed an inline widget in your page content to make sure visitors don’t miss your quiz.

moon juice website that promote their quiz in a banner
Moon Juice uses a subtle, but enticing content block to promote their quiz directly on their homepage.

If your site uses dynamic content in its hero section, you can set conditions to only display the quiz CTA to visitors who haven’t taken it yet. After quiz completion, personalize the site experience by dynamically showcasing products from their quiz results.

Teasers & Pop-Ups

Not every site visitor will enter through your homepage, so to get your quiz in front of as many users as possible, teasers are the way to go.

animation of a pop up teaser that promotes a flower quiz
Kremp uses an eye-catching slider design to promote their quiz all over their website.

Sidebars and pop-up teasers are great for promoting your quiz on any—or every—page of your website. Target high-traffic pages, or set specific conditions for teasers to appear.

example of a site that uses sliding pop-ups to show quizzes
Moon Juice displays a quiz teaser on the third page a user visits, giving them time to explore before suggesting a recommendation quiz.

Site Banner

Banners are a great way to get important messages out to all of your site visitors. Savvy shoppers and regular web users know to check banners for sales, free shipping and other important messages. Add a line of text and promote your quiz across your entire site without taking up a lot of real estate.

Example of quiz promotion in a website banner on Bedgear's website. Get fit for the perfect pillow, Take the quiz.
Bedgear makes sure every visitor knows about their quiz with a site-wide banner.

Bedgear uses a banner across their entire website to drive visitors to their quiz—which makes sense since quiz takers are almost 5 times as likely to make a purchase.

Product Listing Page

For specialty retailers, one of the biggest challenges is educating customers so they can find the right product for their needs. By acting as an eCommerce concierge, recommendation quizzes bridge the gap between your customers’ needs and your expertise. Putting your recommendation quiz at the top of a product listing page anticipates customer questions and points shoppers in the right direction.

example of a quiz CTA on a product listing page
PartyMachines embeds their quiz at the top of their main product page to recommend the right foam machine based on a customer’s level of experience.

This strategy increases quiz engagement while reducing support requests. PartyMachines carries DIY home machines alongside professional foam machine rentals, and they were getting a lot of support calls from overwhelmed customers trying to sort through all of the options. Their “Find the Perfect Foam Machine” Quiz walks customers through the same steps a support representative would, without having to pick up the phone or wait for regular business hours.

On Exit (Exit-Intent Pop-Ups)

If all else fails, catch shoppers on their way out! If customers browse your catalog without finding what they’re looking for, they may lose steam and abandon. Here’s where an exit-intent pop-up that promotes your quiz can help.

AgaveLux's unique spirits may be new to some shoppers, so their quiz can help guide them to the right product.

Scrolling endlessly through product listings can cause decision fatigue. That’s especially a challenge for brands that offer products that may be a brand-new experience for their audience. Showing a quiz makes it easier for shoppers to figure out what they need and find the product that meets those needs, even when they’ve all but given up.

AgaveLux has an entire education section on its website designed to familiarize customers with Mexican spirits—which is a great resource! But their quiz lets users skip the study session and get right to the answers.

Marketing Quizzes across Channels

Even die-hard fans may miss new updates if you only post them on your website. Look at where your site traffic comes from and make sure you promote your quiz on those channels to get the most out of your quiz investment.

Email List

Treat your quiz like you would any other big piece of news. After launching your quiz, send a message to your entire list that encourages them to give it a try. Quizzes are fun and interactive so expect a high click-through rate.

You can also promote the quiz in other email campaigns by adding a banner to marketing emails or including it in your welcome series.

Social Media

Announcing your quiz on social media is a great way to break up the feed with something different. It’s easy to scroll past the same types of posts on social media, so a quiz with an intriguing CTA might be just the thing to elicit a click.

Go beyond your existing followers by encouraging quiz takers to share their results on social media. Quizzes are fun, especially when you can compare results with friends.


When it comes to promoting quizzes, videos are often underused, but they make so much sense. Don't just tell users about your quiz, show them! It could be as simple as screen-recording your quiz to share the process and results with your audience.

This quick video shows one path a user can take on goodr’s sunglasses quiz.

Create something quick and snappy, or design a more informative explainer video showing how your quiz may solve a problem or otherwise provide value. Either way, you demonstrate how fun and easy it is to take. Promote the video on Tiktok, Instagram Reels, or Facebook—wherever your audience is!

Using Quizzes in Paid Campaigns

Freshen up your performance marketing campaigns by promoting your quiz. The interactive nature of quizzes makes them perfect for turning ad clicks into conversions.

Retargeting Campaigns

A product recommendation quiz is great for helping hesitant shoppers make a decision. A retargeting campaign that invites recent visitors to take a quiz may be the missing piece you needed to make the sale.

Advertise to Niche Audiences

If you’re fortunate enough to have a group of enthusiasts around your niche or brand, your quiz could create quite a bit of buzz. An accurate recommendation quiz can get people talking, trying it out, and sharing their results. Because quizzes are so fun and sharable, a targeted ad campaign could potentially turn into word-of-mouth marketing in no time.

Influencer Marketing

With almost a third of shoppers reporting that influencer recommendations are more important than friends and family suggestions, it’s no surprise that marketers are increasingly collaborating with content creators.

That can be as simple as asking an influencer to take your quiz and talk about the process and the results. A quick, fun quiz with useful recommendations can make great content that’s easy to produce and consume.

Better yet, ask an influencer to take your quiz on a live stream together with your audience.

Start Promoting Your Quiz Today

We’ve seen what quizzes can do as both a data capture tool and a sales tool. We’ve also seen how quiz promotion directly impacts engagement rates. The more people see your quiz, the more people will take it, and the more successful it will be.

If you’d like to chat about some ways to promote your quiz using Digioh, feel free to reach out! In addition to helping you build a recommendation quiz, we can help you implement an entire on-site promotion strategy using tactics proven to convert more shoppers into customers.

Jace Farran
Head of Demand Gen
Jace Farran is Digioh's Head of Demand Gen with an extensive background in web design. He has direct experience in eCommerce, publishing, and agency settings, working in a wide range of areas, including email marketing, content, and social media marketing. Jace is passionate about providing valuable content and communicating through design. He lives in New York with his family.

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