Master Your Shopify Data: Collect + Organize with Digioh + Tydo

April 21, 2023
Michaela Barriga

Learn how Digioh partner Tydo can help you combine your Shopify store data with your most important tools and channels, providing a single source of insight.

Looking for better insights for your Shopify store and customers? Are you lacking actionable data or just lost in a disorganized web of data points? In this week’s partner spotlight, we’re highlighting the Digioh-Tydo link and our better-together story. Collect valuable data and keep it organized for a more effective data strategy!

Let’s get started!

The Case for Data Collection

As the loss of third-party data continues, businesses are collecting their own zero-party data and first-party data straight from customers. Capturing this data, collectively called consumer-consented data, is cheaper than depending on data from sources other than directly from the customer. Also, owning your data comes with its own set of perks. Because you own it, you have complete control over what you collect, when you collect it, how you organize it, and what you do with it.

What are businesses doing with this data?

26% of brands are using their collected consumer-consented data to improve targeting, customer segmentation, and personalization. When you own your data, you can make it work for you. Instead of guessing who your customers are and what they want, let the data speak for itself.

example of a results page for a style recommendation quiz
With data captured from customers, brands can improve their personalization to show the most relevant recommendations.

How are businesses collecting this data?

Here are a few ways we do this at Digioh:

  • Product Recommendation Quizzes
  • Interactive Guides
  • Multi-Step Lightbox Forms for customer contact data acquisition
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Post-checkout Surveys
  • Email Preference Centers
  • And More!
example of a health quiz that asks shoppers what they want to improve
Brands like Mendi use quizzes to capture data about customer preferences, goals, and more.

Challenge: Data Confusion

Data is necessary to make informed decisions about marketing campaigns and overall strategy.

But managing data can be a headache. You may have hundreds or thousands of data points to interpret and make decisions on. Where do you put it all? You could spend hours manipulating data in Excel to get it to display the way you want.

But our partner spotlight today is a much better solution!

tydo data overview

Solution: Organize Your Data with Tydo 

Tydo helps you keep a pulse on your business and reach your goals with comprehensive reports, data visualizations, and insights. Combine your Shopify store data with the tools and marketing channels you use to create a single source of insight. 

Within the platform, dive into data visualizations that bring your store to life and unlock new insights and levels of growth.

Join brands like Disco, Not Pot, Cadence, Sharma Brands, Dose, and Birthdate Co., in receiving comprehensive reports, data visualizations, and insights. Simply install Tydo’s free Shopify app and add any ad accounts and tools you use!

For a more custom solution check out Tydo Custom. Get paired with one of Tydo’s on-demand data analysts, and they’ll build a dashboard tailored to your business needs. Interested in learning more? Book a free analytics audit. 

The Digioh + Tydo Dream Team

It’s important to give your data a home. You need to be able to visualize and manipulate it to answer your questions.

For instance, do you have a quiz on your site?

quiz template for a health check quiz

Tydo can help you uncover quiz insights through better visualization. Seamlessly push your site’s data to the Tydo platform so you can make informed decisions faster.

Shopify Stores: Go Farther with Your Data

There are so many eCommerce strategies, tactics, and tools out there—it can be hard to know where to focus your efforts. 

That’s why Tydo created a checklist to guide you through the 10 most important areas of running an eCommerce business. 

Download the checklist here

P.S. If you’re looking for some in-depth help on the data and analytics front, Tydo’s FREE platform helps you keep a pulse on your store and reach your goals with comprehensive analytics. 

Looking for more resources on gathering and using data for your store?

Michaela Barriga
Content & Partner Marketing Manager
Michaela is Digioh’s Content & Partner Marketing Manager and oversees all things content and partner connection. With a passion for helping businesses grow stronger through organization and authentic connection, Michaela has worked with small and large businesses in copywriting, content creation, and project organization. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and their 2 black lab mixes.

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