Supercharge Shopify: Product Quiz Results Pages That Drive $$$

September 14, 2023
Rene Emery

Learn how to personalize the results pages for your Shopify quizzes to drive more incremental revenue.

If you’re one of the thousands of Shopify merchants with a product recommendation quiz (also called a “shopping concierge solution” or “guided shopping experience”), congrats! You’re one step closer to meeting your customers at the moment to drive incremental sales.  

However, there’s one area to pay extra close attention to: your quiz results page.

What does it look like? How can it help you drive conversions, not hurt you

Your Shopify quiz results page should be on point. Generic results pages in an iFrame or pop-up window don’t perform well.


They’re clunky. Everyone clicks away from pop-up windows. And some results pages are actually separate landing pages that force shoppers to go to the product page, add the recommendation to their cart, and then head back to the cart. That’s a disjointed experience.

TLDR: You remove the consumer from the conversion funnel!

With this experience, you likely see a negative impact on conversion instead of an additive increase. 

But Digioh’s Shopify quizzes send data straight to Shopify, creating a dynamic results page that will knock your users’ socks off and lift your conversion rate by 2X across all quiz takers! Plus, it’s native to your website and your conversion funnel!

We want your brand’s quiz to be limitless, so we break the chains and allow you to add:

  • As many products as your heart desires
  • Cross-sells, upsells, bundles, add-all-to-cart
  • Subscription options (if you have ReCharge, Ordergroove, Skio, etc.)
  • Product reviews to build trust and encourage sales
  • Features, colors, and size options
  • Any other attribute you want to add to your quiz (you’ll find awesome examples below)

When your Shopify product quiz results page has limitless options, your conversion rate destiny is in your hands.

We’ve made it simple to use Shopify’s dynamic content to make pages that are on-brand, match your website, and encourage users to stay on the page.

Creating On-Brand Results Inside Your Shopify Quiz Landing Page

Product recommendation results pages can make or break a sale. If your page isn’t on-brand, you’ll lose conversions. Digioh changes that with the help of Shopify liquid templates.

Before you begin, you need to do the following:

  1. Create your Shopify product quiz.
  2. Create your Shopify quiz page.

Digioh will help you generate quiz responses, and in just 11 steps (and less than 5 minutes), you’ll have amazing results pages like those used by Bonafide, Health-Ade and RANAVAT. And their customers love them.

Click here to learn how to build a dynamic results page for your product quiz.

Why Dynamic Content in Shopify is Our Go-to Choice for Product Quiz Result Pages

Building your quiz is only part of the equation. You’re collecting invaluable zero-party data, but you also want to make a sale

We want you to make a sale.

That’s the beauty of Shopify-powered results pages: higher conversions.

But there are other benefits your customers (and marketing team) will love because they make going from quizzes to personalized recommendation pages seamless.

What kind of benefits are we talking about? 

Let’s explore…

Seamless Experience = Better Conversions

Product listing pages (PLPs) are more than your generic product pages. They’re part of your brand experience—or they should be.

When your PLP doesn’t inherit your brand design and guidelines, it looks, well, messy. 

Digioh integrates neatly with Shopify to:

  1. Create a seamless customer experience. Each user sees a custom PLP that inherits all of your brand’s design elements. The page looks, feels, and reacts like the rest of your site.
  2. Shopify’s checkout system is “auto-magically” inherited, allowing users to choose a subscription or one-time purchase, select product variants, and set quantities before ordering.

Fewer clicks = more sales. It’s scientifically proven.

A seamless experience leverages the power of fewer clicks to accommodate more customers and lift your conversion rates.

Wanna see a few examples?

health-ade personalized plp with quiz results
Health-Ade allows you to make a one-time purchase or order a subscription (a golden opportunity for recurring revenue).

pete and pedro customized product landing page with quiz results
Pete and Pedro’s customers can choose bottle sizes before adding them to their carts.

We can even sweeten the deal by showing reviews and ratings for each product. Consumers love reviews so much that 49% of them trust a review as much as a personal recommendation. 

That’s huge.

Digioh can inherit from any review system, such as Yotpo, to help provide the social proof that consumers look for before hitting the “buy” button.

We even help you combine listing pages in a way that makes sense.

Combine Listing Pages to Create “You Also Need” Recommendations

If you buy a printer, you need paper and ink, right?

You have products that go perfectly together that you can cross-sell to your audience. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine listing pages?

You can.

Digioh + Shopify PLPs allow you to combine products and category pages. You can do a lot with this type of flexibility:

private gym personalized plp with bundles
Private Gym shows a product bundle as the top recommendation and allows their consumers to buy each product separately.

Many of our clients show the best result from their product quiz at the top of the page in a prominent position with a thumbnail, rating, product description, and more information. Underneath, they may recommend:

  • Alternative recommendations
  • Relevant add-ons (such as printer paper when buying a printer)
  • Separate product listings for shoppers who aren't ready to commit to a bundle

Give Shoppers Unlimited Product Results

How many products can you display on your quiz results page? With Digioh, the sky's the limit!

If your quiz narrows down the results to dozens or even hundreds of products, you can display them all

You can even rank your products from the most relevant to the least.

Some shoppers just want more options, and Digioh can help you provide them.

Pro Tip: Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Most of the time, we recommend showing just a few product options. The last thing you want is to create decision fatigue. But Digioh still gives you the flexibility to display as many as you want.

Display Hyper-Relevant, Dynamic Results

When you turn your quiz results page into a personalized PLP, you show customers exactly what they want. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The results are not only dynamic but hyper-relevant to the quiz-taker.

Let’s say your brand sells skincare and haircare products. If a shopper only wants haircare products, they can:

  • Choose that category when taking your quiz 
  • Only see results for the category they choose (in this case, haircare products)

Consumers will find what they need right away, making it easy to decide.

personalized product recommendations on pete and pedro shopify product listing page
Pete and Pedro display only the product categories you choose when taking their quiz.

You can also show “Add all to Cart” buttons below each category. This is great for quizzes that bundle products. With the click of a button, they can add an entire hair routine to their carts.

Add Custom Product Info 

A shopper just finished your quiz. They’re weighing their options. Now’s your chance to convince them your products are exactly what they need.

You could display the same old product description from your other pages. 

Or you could display:

  • Custom product info
  • A special price 
  • Icons and features that align with the shopper’s quiz responses

every man jack shopify plp with custom product info
Every Man Jack appeals to customers with awesome icons for features like “sustainably minded” and “clean ingredients.” You know – the things their customers care about. 

Personal touches like these make your quiz results page stand out and help convince quiz-takers to make a purchase. 

Answer Questions and More

Your quiz results page is an opportunity to get shoppers to click “Add to Cart.”

But not every shopper will jump at the chance.

They need a little extra convincing.

With a custom results page, you can show things like blog posts, FAQs, testimonials, or image galleries. These elements empower you to:

  • Address objections that stop buyers from taking the plunge
  • Show off your products in their best light
  • Give shoppers the social proof they crave

Why are these things important? If someone is on the fence about buying your products, a positive customer review or prominent return policy may be the nudge they need.

bonafide personalized shopify plp with ratings and social proof
Bonafide's quiz results page shows ratings, results, and other information that counters shopper hesitancy.

With Digioh, you can add as many of these elements as you want. Each page is fully customizable and designed to convert. 

Want to learn how our landing page builder can transform your PLPs? Request a demo and our team will show you how to supercharge your product recommendation sales.

Rene Emery
Contributing Writer
Emery is a B2B/Finance/SaaS writer who focuses on clear, concise, and optimized content. Leveraging 12+ years of experience, she relies on her work with hundreds of companies worldwide to create content that speaks to readers and makes difficult topics easy to understand.

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