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Emery is a B2B/Finance/SaaS writer who focuses on clear, concise, and optimized content. Leveraging 12+ years of experience, she relies on her work with hundreds of companies worldwide to create content that speaks to readers and makes difficult topics easy to understand.

Reducing Bounce Rates with Smart Exit Intent Messaging

Make sure your exit intent pop-up messaging is on point by understanding user behavior.

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5 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) 

Cyber Monday and Black Friday drive over $20 billion in sales. Businesses must prepare for the big sales extravaganza to provide a seamless shopping experience. These five things can help.

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Zero-Party Data Vs. First-Party Data: Unlocking the Power of Personalization

Zero-party data, first-party data – what’s the difference? Find out why zero-party data is the key to hyper-personalization and how to unlock it.

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How Guided Selling Can Guide Your Jewelry Marketing Strategy

Is guided selling the missing link in your jewelry marketing strategy? Quizzes can lift CVR by 197% and deliver the ultimate personalized shopping experience.

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Find Your Fit: Strategies for Creating a High-Performing Fit Finder Quiz for Swimwear + Intimates

Discover how a fit finder quiz can skyrocket your conversions, and get the best practices for creating a high-performing quiz.

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Complete Your Supplements Marketing Strategy With Guided Shopping Experiences

Want to improve the customer experience AND increase your revenue? Unlock the power of quizzes for supplements brands.

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The Ultimate Skincare Marketing Strategy to Get Customers for Life

Elevate your skincare marketing strategy with product recommendation quizzes, dynamic emails, and other high-converting tactics.

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Supercharge Shopify: Product Quiz Results Pages That Drive $$$

Learn how to personalize the results pages for your Shopify quizzes to drive more incremental revenue.

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Get a Second Chance to Convert Customers with Back-in-Stock Notifications

Learn how back-in-stock notifications can boost conversions and help you collect valuable zero-party data.

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Branded Quizzes Done Right: Creating a Custom Product Recommendation Quiz

Discover how to create a custom product recommendation quiz totally tailored to your brand.

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Turn Quiz Answers into Flow Revenue with Digioh + Klaviyo Product Recommendation Emails

Learn how sending product recommendation quiz results in your Klaviyo emails can help drive revenue beyond the quiz.

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Why It’s Time to Ditch Your Free Email Pop-Up Builder

Is your free email pop-up builder holding you back? Learn about the benefits of advanced email acquisition pop-ups and the tools you need to achieve them.

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