Custom JavaScript

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Age Verification Forms

Perform age verification of new subscribers.

Use the date picker field to ask for a birthday before visitors can opt in. With Custom JS, you can reject form submissions from individuals who don’t meet your age requirements (for example, over 13 or under 65).
Free Shipping Widgets

Incentivize more purchases with a free shipping or gift threshold.

Encourage shoppers to add more to their carts by offering free shipping or a free gift once they meet a certain purchase threshold. With Custom JS, you can detect the shopping cart value and show customers how much more they must add to qualify.
"It is more than just a lightbox form builder, it is a full on Javascript platform that allows you to pretty much do anything."
Visitor Tracking

Add tracking pixels to your lightboxes.

Sometimes known as a 1x1 pixel or pixel tag, these pixels allow you to track the activity of website visitors. Add Facebook pixels or other trackers to your lightboxes by including them in your custom JS.

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