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Digioh emma form builder

Custom form builder

Digioh's form builder is unlike any other form solution. With our flexible drag-and-drop editor you can build any form you can envision, from a simple opt-in form to a multi-page preference quiz. Our advanced features include:

  • Personalize your forms with dynamic content. Customize the images, text, and CTAs based on page content, page URL, subscriber data in Emma, and Google Analytics custom segments.
  • Precise trigger and targeting conditions, so you can display each form at exactly the right time.
  • Unlimited custom fields including drop-down fields, date fields, checkboxes, hidden fields and more.
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Behavioral marketing

The best time to send email is when a subscriber interacts with your brand. Whether it's a Welcome email to a brand-new subscriber, or a cart abandon email to remind a shopper to check out, Digioh can trigger emails in response to specific behaviors.

Even better, Digioh can identify your anonymous website visitors and display personalized content to them in real time.

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Browse and cart abandon

Many cart abandonment solutions require a shopper to start the checkout process in order to trigger a cart recovery email sequence.

Digioh is different. We can identify visitors even as they're browsing your store, so if they leave your site after looking at a few products, we can send them a personalized "browse abandon" email. The same goes for visitors who add items to their cart, but don't start checkout. This greatly increases the amount of revenue you can recover.

Digioh offers a full e-commerce suite including:

  • One-time use coupons
  • Free shipping thresholds
  • Back-in-stock notifications
  • Preference quizzes
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Custom email preference centers

In moderation, unsubscribes are a good thing. However, many of your subscribers would be happy to stay subscribed if you gave them more options. People unsubscribe for two main reasons: first, because they receive too many emails and second, because they don't feel that the content is relevant to them.

By creating customized preference centers, you can give your subscribers options to shift to more relevant lists or change email frequency. You can even display personalized content, and recommend other lists they are likely to be interested in trying.

Customized preference centers can help you reduce unsubscribes by as much as 30%.

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