Build personalized pop-ups, forms, surveys, and custom preference centers for Braze.

  • Drag and drop to build dynamic pop-ups and landing pages.
  • Capture more emails & mobile numbers with multi-step forms.
  • Trigger real-time welcome emails and texts on signup.
  • Reduce unsubscribes with on-brand custom preference centers.
  • Recover more revenue with browse & cart abandonment.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Braze and your other martech.

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Grow with Braze + Digioh.

Drag-and-Drop Design
Create fully-custom pop-ups, surveys, and pages with a drag-and-drop editor.
Seamless Integration
Pass emails and other data to and from Braze in real-time for triggered messaging.
Personalization & Targeting
Personalize pop-ups with flexible targeting, trigger conditions, and dynamic content.
Browse & Cart Abandonment
Target abandoning users with exit-intent, triggered emails, and unique coupon codes.
Preference Centers
Give subscribers the power to choose their email content and frequency.
A/B Testing
Optimize your pop-ups for conversion with A/B and multivariate testing.

Grow your list with multi-step forms, banners, and pop-ups for Braze.

build email pop-ups for braze

Build any form, any way—from simple capture pop-ups to quizzes with branching logic.

Drag and drop to create on-brand pop-ups, banners, and embedded forms. Add dynamic content and target forms based on referral source, URL, page content, user behavior, and more.

Digioh passes form data (including unlimited custom fields) to Braze in real-time, enabling you to engage new subscribers right away with personalized welcome messages and other content.

Put your email subscribers in control with a custom Braze preference center.

examples of custom preference center templates for Braze

Reduce unsubscribes with a custom email preference center for Braze. Digioh's preference centers allow your subscribers to choose their content, set their frequency, and even pause emails for a while. Keep your preference center on brand with the drag-and-drop builder, and personalize your page with dynamic content.

Create dynamic landing pages with ease.

dynamic landing page builder

Drag and drop to build on-brand landing pages. Capture data with unlimited custom fields, including drop-downs, date fields, and hidden fields. Personalize page content based on URL, source, user data, and more with Digioh's code-free dynamic content editor.

Recover site visitors with a full suite of browse & cart abandonment tools.

abandoned cart email

Turn shoppers into customers with flexible conversion tools built for marketers:

  • Cart Abandonment: Capture data from abandoning visitors to trigger cart recovery emails.
  • Browse Abandonment: Personalize browse abandonment emails using viewed content.
  • Unique Coupon Codes: Drive coupon redemption by showing codes in pop-ups and follow-up emails.
  • Out-of-Stock Notifications: Prevent lost sales by sending alerts when items are available again.
  • Free Shipping Thresholds: Upsell shoppers by dynamically displaying how much more they need to spend.

Collect feedback with Braze surveys.

Create without constraints using a flexible, drag-and-drop editor.

braze survey templates on desktop and mobile
  • Customize surveys with your own images, logo, fonts, and colors.
  • Ask any question with drop-down fields, selections, star ratings, rankings, and CSAT/NPS®.
  • Personalize surveys with dynamic content based on page content, page URLs, or user behavior.
  • Choose your container. Embed surveys, show pop-up surveys, or send surveys in email.
  • Localize surveys with creative based on each visitor's country and language.

Drive engagement, conversions, and revenue with Digioh's Braze Integration.

Digioh seamlessly integrates with Braze, Google Analytics, Shopify, and other tools in your marketing stack to help grow your audience and revenue. Ready to get started? Request your demo now!

Customer Success Stories

See why leading marketers trust Digioh.

With a wealth of features, integrations, and a dedicated support team, Digioh is the easiest way to increase conversions. But don't take our word for it; see how our customers are doing more with Digioh.
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Matt K.,
Senior Manager, Email Marketing
"With Digioh, we capture 2x more subscribers, and we've increased our email opens, clicks, and revenue."
the penny hoarder logo
Yasmin M.,
VP  Digital Marketing
"With Digioh, we created email & SMS capture widgets that are personalized based on content users consume on our site.  This was key to our success in scaling our email database and readership to over 1M subscribers, in addition to the launch of our SMS channel. We also used their Google Analytics integration to segment our most valuable audience cohorts based on engagement with high ROI content. I highly recommend Digioh to any publisher looking to grow their email & SMS audiences and revenue."
Josh, Venture Beat
"Their technical expertise and advanced problem solving is extremely helpful in generating custom code for our WordPress site for the specific needs we have.

Their customer support is second-to-none as any time we run into an issue or need advice on best practices, they are prompt to respond and work with us on addressing our needs."
Kay K., Children's Medical Center
"The support team is awesome to work with—they've even built custom scripts for us—and are always prompt and courteous in answering our questions."

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