Create surveys for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud.

  • Drag and drop to build unlimited Salesforce surveys and forms.
  • Create on-brand NPS, CSAT, post-purchase, and other surveys.
  • Powerful targeting, dynamic content, and question branching.
  • Trigger Journeys and SFDC Tasks to act on feedback in real-time.
  • Get implementation & design services, plus 24/7 email support.
  • We'll also set up your Salesforce integration for you.

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The most flexible Salesforce survey builder.

Drag-and-Drop Surveys
Build NPS surveys, product surveys, and other Salesforce surveys, code-free.
Easy Integration
With 400+ built-in integrations, it's easy to share data across your marketing stack.
Powerful Targeting
Get 20+ targeting conditions to show surveys to the right person, at the right time.
Real-Time Triggers
Trigger actions in real time including SFDC tasks, SFMC Journeys, and more.
Ongoing Support
Get 24/7 email support, plus design and survey implementation services.
Custom Branding
Start from one of our survey templates and add custom colors, fonts, and images.

Launch custom Salesforce surveys.

Create without constraints using a flexible, drag-and-drop editor.

salesforce survey templates on desktop and mobile
  • Customize surveys with your own images, logo, fonts, and colors.
  • Ask any question with drop-down fields, selections, star ratings, rankings, and CSAT/NPS®.
  • Personalize surveys with dynamic content based on page content, page URLs, or Salesforce data.
  • Choose your container. Embed surveys, show pop-up surveys, or send surveys in email.
  • Localize surveys with creative based on each visitor's country and language.

Respond to NPS surveys and other customer feedback in real-time.

trigger salesforce send after survey feedback

Collect actionable insights and put them to use in real-time.

Address problems before they escalate by triggering SFDC tasks when visitors provide negative feedback. If a customer has a great experience, Digioh can trigger thank-you messages too.

Collect first-party data with targeted, personalized surveys.

Increase survey conversion rates up to 7x with personalization and targeting. Convert more leads to customers by capturing actionable data for use in your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Analytics data. With every submission, Digioh collects geo-location, source, landing page, and more.
  • Collect custom data with drop-downs, date pickers, text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons and hidden fields.
  • Personalize surveys with dynamic dropdowns, contextual headlines, and multilingual content.
  • Targeting conditions include URL, logged in/out, exit intent, source, cookies, and Google Analytics segments.

Tap into our flexible Salesforce integration.

Our real-time, two-way integration gives you powerful options:

  • Trigger sends or journeys when a survey or form is submitted.
  • Data extension upserts. When a survey is submitted, Digioh checks for an existing SFMC record. If one exists, Digioh updates the record with any new data.
  • Personalize surveys with SFMC data. Display existing data (like email or name) to save respondents time. Or, create dynamic picklists that pull content from your data extensions.
  • Integrate with Sales Cloud too. We support Leads, Contacts, Tasks, Custom Objects, and more.

Turn insights into action with survey software for Salesforce.

With Digioh's flexible survey builder and Salesforce integration, you can act on customer feedback quickly and address issues as they happen.

And we don't just offer surveys. Our forms and landing pages will help you capture more leads too.

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With a wealth of features, integrations, and a dedicated support team, Digioh is the easiest way to increase conversions. But don't take our word for it; see how our customers are doing more with Digioh.
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Matt K.,
Senior Manager, Email Marketing
"With Digioh, we capture 2x more subscribers, and we've increased our email opens, clicks, and revenue."
Jake M., Flexcar
Director of Performance Marketing
“Digioh rocks: fast responses and always going the extra mile. Top-notch product made better by top-notch client service. I’m very impressed!”
Thomas K, BedGear
eCommerce Director
“Thanks to Digioh, our conversion rate is up by 1.5X! We are reaching more customers and obtaining valuable customer data along the way.”
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Keith H., Hershey's
Solutions Manager
“With Digioh’s custom designs & expert insights, we are now capturing emails for nearly 8% of all first-time visitors.”

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