Website Localization: Target Forms Based on Browser Language

Rishi Shah

Digioh makes it easy to deliver content in your visitors' language with our ability to target forms & pop-ups based on default browser language.

It’s no secret that today’s customers expect personalization.

According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer research, 84% of consumers say that being treated like a person, not a number, is critical for brands to win their business.

But treating your customers like people is more than just providing personalized product or article recommendations. If you can’t speak your customers’ language, your personalized content will miss the mark.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that it's easier than ever to show forms & pop-ups  in your site visitors’ language.

With our ability to target forms based on your visitors’ browser language, you can show copy and creative that matches your audience's default language. Check out the video to learn about our new language targeting.

By tailoring your forms to default browser languages, you can deliver more personalized experiences with improved website localization.

Why Website Localization Matters

Website localization is more than just translating your site into other languages. After all, if you've ever played around with Google Translate, you probably know how easy it is for figures of speech and informal language to get lost in translation.

True website localization is about providing authentic experiences for your customers, no matter where they are. This includes conveying your brand voice in other languages, showing units of measurement in the right local format, and even promoting region- or language-specific offers.

This multilingual pop-up is available as a template in Digioh.

Nailing these nuances can go a long way to provide the personal experiences your customers expect, and our targeted forms can help.

Localize Your Web Forms with Digioh

With our browser language conditions, you can target users with the right forms and pop-ups based on their language of choice. We even offer the ability to target specific language/region combinations, helping you further tailor forms for users who may speak a regional variant of a particular language.

Here are just a few ways you can use our browser language targeting options:

  • Promote different newsletters based on visitors’ language. For example, invite visitors who speak Spanish to sign up for the Spanish version of your newsletter.
  • Provide targeted discounts for products in specific languages, such as books that are translated into multiple languages.
  • Combine language with our other targeting options, such as location, for more relevant seasonal or holiday promotions.

To learn how to deliver localized content with Digioh, check out our Help article for targeting based on browser language, read our how-to guide, or talk to us! We’re always happy to help.

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