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Exit-intent pop-ups. Inline forms. Surveys. Banners. Quizzes. We've got templates to help you launch any new campaign quickly. Each drag-and-drop theme supports custom fonts, fields, images, and CSS, allowing you to make them your own. We'll even design & launch your first box for you.

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lightbox centered on websitepopup that slides out from side of websitebanner placed at the top of a websiteinline widget placed within website content
light newsletter popup example

Light Newsletter Pop-Up Design

Ask visitors to sign up for your email (or SMS) list with a clean, light capture pop-up.

dark newsletter popup example

Dark Newsletter Pop-Up Theme

Need a dark-mode-friendly pop-up to capture emails or mobile numbers? Start here.

newsletter signup lightbox example

Jetsetter Newsletter Design

Customize this theme with your logo and image to increase newsletter signups.

sailing email capture lightbox example

Adventure Email Lightbox

Invite visitors to set sail on an inbox adventure with this email capture lightbox. If you need it, this theme provides extra room for text.

full screen website lightbox with email capture form

Full-Page Lightbox

Capture visitor attention (and their email too) with a full-page takeover lightbox, customized to match your branding.

popup registration form

Test Drive Signup

Need to capture lots of data with a single-page form? Use custom fields to collect registrations for test drives, consultations, and more.

fullscreen lightbox survey popup

Full-Page Survey Template

Increase survey response rates with a full-page survey theme, perfect for NPS and other customer feedback surveys.

popup form with large image and multiple fields

Email + Data Capture

Use this lightbox design to collect email signups and other first-party data. Add your own image, and tailor the form fields to your needs.

elegant signup pop-up with discount

Elegant Signup Pop-Up Design

This theme puts the "form" in "formal." Cordially invite visitors to sign up for your email list in exchange for a discount.

newsletter signup popup with checkboxes to opt into additional emails

Mini Preference Center

With multi-step forms, you can collect emails first, then let subscribers choose their emails with a mini preference center on page two.

email popup template for media and publishing newsletters

Publisher Pop-Up

Ask visitors to sign up for your newsletter with a bold, clean pop-up theme perfectly suited to media & publishing sites.

pop-up CTA to capture signups for events and webinars

Event Signup CTA

Use CTA lightboxes to invite visitors to register for upcoming events or webinars. Customize pop-ups with your event branding.

pop-up promoting an ecommerce sale

Sale Pop-Up

Got a big sale? Announce it in a big way. Drive sales by asking visitors to sign up for email updates or giving them a discount code.

example of a product recommendation quiz popup template

Product Recommendation Quiz

Capture preference data and suggest the perfect product with a quiz. Enhance your quiz with branching logic and weighted questions.

example of a multi-step form pop-up with email capture and sms opt-in.

Full-Page Multi-Step Form

Increase conversions with a two-step takeover form. Ask for the email first, then the mobile number on the second step (or vice-versa).

Vacation Offer Pop-up

This luxurious lightbox showcases a series of lifestyle images in a GIF. Invite visitors to grab a coupon code before they exit your site.

Refer a Friend Pop-Up

Grow your list fast with a Refer a Friend pop-up. Grab your visitor’s attention with a colorful, feel-good design.

HDYHAU Pop-Up Survey

Find out how your customers found you with this simple survey. Right after purchase is a great time to display this pop-up.

Coupon Code Pop-Up

Create an interactive experience with a "click to reveal" pop-up that shows a coupon code after the user clicks.

Welcome Pop-Up Design

Add your brand colors and style to this welcome pop-up theme to greet new site visitors with an on-brand experience.

dynamic pop-up form example

Dynamic Pop-Up

This theme has space for dynamic content, allowing you to drive conversions by tailoring pop-ups to URL, visitor behavior, and more.

pop-up hdyhau survey example

HDYHAU Sidebar Survey

Ask customers "How did you hear about us?" or any other question with a sidebar survey that slides out to collect feedback.

contact us pop-up form example

Contact Us Sidebar

Help visitors get in touch with you quickly using a Contact Us widget. Customize your conversational forms with a friendly face.

example of a website banner for showing promotions on the top of your site

Site Sale Banner

Promote ongoing sales, promotions, and free shipping thresholds with a banner that sticks to the top or bottom of your site..

email signup banner template example

Email Signup Banner

Remind visitors to sign up for your newsletter or email promotions with a footer banner that drives conversions without getting in the way.

website banner with an email capture form

Discount Code Signup

Offer a unique coupon code to visitors who sign up for your email list. The dynamic coupon code appears after visitors submit their email.

website footer with an email newsletter signup form

Footer Email Signup

Add a stylish newsletter signup to your footer. Make your footer stand out by customizing this theme with an eye-catching image.

example of a website banner that shows a survey

Banner Survey

Add a quick customer feedback survey to your site's footer so visitors can provide feedback before they leave your site.

dynamic banner that shows website visitors a unique coupon code

Coupon Code Banner

Increase coupon code redemption by promoting your unique one-time-use codes in a banner at the top of your site.

inline website CTA promoting a discount

Inline Announcement

Digioh allows you to add inline CTAs to your site too. Let your visitors know about sales with a widget embedded directly on the page.

dynamic website hero section template

Dynamic Hero Section

Control your homepage's hero section with a dynamic inline widget. Add dynamic content to tailor your hero section to each visitor.

inline website CTA that spans the full width of the page

Full-Width Inline Widget

Add a can't-miss inline widget between sections of your page. With inline widgets, you can edit your onsite CTAs without leaving Digioh.

Inline Satisfaction Survey

Embed this survey theme on your website to gauge how customers feel by allowing them to select from a series of faces.

Inline Customer Survey

Get direct feedback from visitors using this embedded multi-step survey design, with the opportunity to collect email at the end.

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