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See that inline content block? That's a Digioh inline widget. Neat, huh?

Inline widgets are boxes that you can embed in your website content. Unlike lightboxes or sidebars, these boxes don’t pop open or slide out at you.

Now, inline widgets might not do much moving, but that doesn't mean they're lazy.

Using inline widgets, you can create embedded forms that submit data to your ESP, CRM, CDP, or other martech acronym of choice.

Or, you can use them to display promotional CTAs. Like this one.

In fact, creating inline CTAs with Digioh is an easy way to make updates to your website without having to wrestle with code or get your developers involved. Just install the Digioh snippet on your site, and you can edit your inline widgets directly from Digioh.

Launching a new promotion? Want to spotlight a new product? Just need to change the color? You can do it all in Digioh.

This is just one of the many inline themes available in the Digioh editor. Head back to the Theme Gallery to view a couple more of our inline CTA templates, or reach out to us, and we can walk you through our entire editor.

Create Inline Widgets with Digioh
  • Choose and customize one of our themes, or design your inline widget from scratch.
  • Add a form to your inline widgets, or use them to show promotional CTAs on your site.
  • Personalize your inline CTAs with dynamic content to show targeted promotions to your visitors.
  • Position inline widgets on your site with a snippet of code, or use jQuery for total control.

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