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Forms and Pop-ups for Attentive

Popups for Attentive
Drag-and-drop forms and pop-ups. 100% code-free. Collect phone numbers and emails.
Integrates with Attentive and your email marketing system
Works for international traffic with geo-IP-based targeting and multilingual support

Trusted by 20,000+ websites worldwide

Drag and Drop to Create Custom Forms

Digioh's form builder is unlike any other form solution. Create custom, brand-complaint forms and pop-ups with our flexible drag-and-drop builder.

  • Add custom fonts, colors, and CSS to match your branding.
  • Add custom fields including text fields, drop-down fields, date fields, checkboxes, hidden fields and more.
  • Get complete design flexibility. Create a simple one-page form, or add in as many pages as you need...the choice is yours!
  • Create responsive forms that look great on any device.
Forms for Attentive
Attentive integrations

Integrate with your Email Marketing System

Digioh offers an unmatched number of integrations so you can share data across your entire marketing stack. Our 2-way, real-time integrations enable you to read data from your systems and use it in your Digioh campaigns.

  • 100+ built-in integrations. From email marketing systems (including enterprise software), to CRMs, CDPs and analytics tools, Digioh's got you covered.
  • Integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud data extensions and lists. Trigger sends & Journeys, perform upserts/inserts.
  • Custom back-end integrations at no additional cost.

Capture Emails and Phone Numbers

Our form builder empowers you to capture emails, phone numbers and much more!

  • Capture both emails and phone numbers on one page...or capture information over several pages.
  • U.S. and international phone number validation. Digioh automatically validates phone number submissions
Capture phone numbers with Digioh
IP-based geo-targeting

Multilingual Pop-ups and IP-based Geo-Targeting

Digioh offers 20+ targeting conditions, including IP-based geo-targeting.

This enables you to personalize your creative based on each visitor's country.

Advanced Targeting Rules

Over 20 trigger and targeting options allow you to fine-tune when and where your forms and widgets are displayed.

Our dynamic content editor gives you the power to display dynamic content, without writing a line of code. Pull from URL parameters, URLs, and jQuery selectors and dynamically display images, text, HTML, and more.

Digioh targeting conditions

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