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Not just another Shopify quiz app.

Increase customer acquisition, collect zero-party data, and drive sales with a fully-custom Shopify quiz.

With Digioh, you don't just get a quiz app; you get a full suite of eCommerce conversion tools including pop-ups, surveys, forms, banners, abandoned cart, and more.

Plus, our team will help build, integrate, and optimize your campaigns for a successful launch. Guaranteed.
quizzes created with Digioh's Shopify quiz app
“Before we found Digioh, we spent over 18 months trying to find the right quiz solution and weren’t able to get launched. What we weren’t able to get done in a year and a half, we got done in under 6 weeks with Digioh!"
Mike W.
CRM Senior Manager, Whisker
Quiz App Features

The most flexible way to build a Shopify product quiz.

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High-Converting Templates
Start with a prebuilt template, or let our designers create a custom template for you.
Container Types
Show your quiz in a pop-up modal, or embed it anywhere on your Shopify store.
Total Customization
Match your Shopify store with unlimited custom fonts, images, CSS, and JavaScript.
Mobile-Friendly Design
Convert shoppers on the go with quizzes that look great on any device.
Provide additional context without cluttering the user experience.
Progress Bars
Nudge users towards completion by showing them their place in the quiz.
Flexible Result Types
Recommend multiple products, or show a calculated score.
Branching Logic
Display different questions based on a visitor's answers to previous questions.
Weighted Questions
Fine-tune your recommendations by making the important questions count more.
Recall for Personalization
Personalize quizzes with data captured from previous questions, such as name or size.
Input Types
Add image buttons, text fields, drop-downs, sliders, multi-select buttons, and more.
Display Conditions
Set quizzes to trigger on button click, on a time delay, or however you want.
Pass responses to Google Ads or social media, even if users abandon the quiz.
Promote quizzes on your store with pop-ups, teasers, banners, or inline CTAs.
One-Click Add to Cart
Let shoppers add products to their cart directly from the quiz result screen.
Share to Social Media
Grow your audience by allowing visitors to share your quiz with ease.
Coupon Codes
Increase conversions by adding a unique coupon code to your quiz results page.
A/B Testing
Experiment with copy, creative, CTAs, timing, and coupon codes.
Email Integrations
Pass emails and quiz responses to Klaviyo, Braze, Iterable, or any other ESP.
SMS Marketing Integrations
Collect mobile numbers by adding compliant opt-in fields to your quizzes.
CDP Integrations
Power personalized marketing by sending all quiz data to Segment or other CDPs.
Analytics Integrations
Pass every click action to Google Analytics or your business intelligence solution.
Seamless Shopify Integration
Digioh's Shopify quiz app allows you to recommend products at the SKU level.
Custom Integrations
Have an in-house solution? Your quiz can integrate with that too.

More flexibility than any other Shopify quiz tool.

  • Choose Your Container
    Create a pop-up quiz, or embed it on a Shopify page.
  • On-Brand Design
    Match your Shopify store with custom fonts, images, and CSS.
  • Unlimited Questions
    Image buttons, text fields, multi-select buttons, and more.
  • Powerful Logic
    Branching questions, weighted questions, and calculated scores.
mockups of full screen product recommendation quiz and pop-up quiz
example of a mobile and desktop product quiz
add unlimited pages to your shopify quiz

Choose your quiz result type.

Show one recommendation, bundles, or a numerical score with fully-integrated results pages.
One-Click Add to Cart for Shopify

Drive more sales with easy Add to Cart buttons.

Reduce friction by letting shoppers add their recommended items to their cart with a single click.
example of one-click add to cart for shopify quiz
pop-ups for Shopify merchants
Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase quiz completion rates with pop-up teasers.

Grab your audience's attention with personalized pop-ups and targeted teasers that promote your quiz.

Target your Shopify customers by product category, device, cookie values, onsite behavior, and more.

Learn more about your Shopify customers with quiz reporting.

  • Understand quiz drop-off.
    See where users abandon your quiz and A/B test accordingly.
  • Discover trends in customer preferences.
    Get a breakdown of user responses to every question.
  • Make data-informed decisions.
    Adapt your eCommerce strategy based on quiz insights.
screenshot of custom reports and analytics available in the Digioh quiz app for Shopify
google ads retargeting on Youtube based on Shopify quiz clicks
Onsite and Offsite Retargeting

Retarget quiz-takers on and off your Shopify site.

Pass all quiz clicks to Google Ads or social media ad platforms to target users based on their answers.

Then, show returning visitors personalized promotions based on their quiz responses and results.

Integrate with Shopify and more.

  • Inventory Integrations
    Perform inventory checks, show real-time prices, and recommend products at the SKU level.
  • Email, CDP, and SMS Integrations
    Pass emails and quiz responses to nearly any platform for enhanced personalization and segmentation.
  • Analytics Integrations
    Export every click action to Google Analytics or your business intelligence platform to track quiz revenue.
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Shopify Quiz Pricing

Get more than Shopify quizzes with Digioh!

  • No caps on number of quizzes, landing pages, or forms
  • No caps on number of submissions
  • Complete onboarding support from design, integrations, and development—up to 20 hours or more
  • Unlimited training & support
  • No code required—implement in 30 minutes!

Shopify Quiz App + More

Go beyond Shopify quizzes with a full eCommerce toolbox to drive revenue with personalized experiences. Your Digioh account will include:
  • Track & Target
  • Pop-Ups, Banners, Sidebars, and Inline Forms
  • Quizzes, Surveys, and Refer-a-Friend
  • Website Personalization
  • Dynamic Personalized Emails
  • Integrations
  • Re-Targeting
  • & More!

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