40+ MORE Questions for Your Quiz (not just eCommerce!)

March 27, 2023
Michaela Barriga

We're back with more quiz ideas for travel, fitness, medical, and B2B marketing quizzes.

Every amazing tool has a learning curve, and a quiz is no exception. But really, quizzes are pretty simple when you have a good team behind you!

Still, we listen to our customers’ questions and one we often hear is “What questions should I ask on my quiz?” Writing this list sometimes takes longer because customers aren’t sure what to put down. We get it! That’s why we create resources like this to help you out.

Back in January, I covered some quiz tips from our internal team PLUS over 60 questions to get you started writing your eCommerce quiz. This time, we're back with over 40 more questions you can ask!

First, an important note that I hope will make you feel better: your quiz questions can change over time. Don’t put a ton of pressure on yourself to get your quiz perfect the first time. Every quiz has room for improvement, even those with amazing results. You can always optimize over time and run A/B tests to determine which questions are useful and which need to be left out or changed. Our design and support team is here to help you every step of your journey, even past your launch date.

A Quick Question Refresher

For some eCommerce merchants, a short quiz can be extremely effective. For a more detailed product or service, more questions may be necessary. As for the question contents, it’s important to remember every question should be useful and lead to defining the result for the quiz taker. Asking questions like “What’s your favorite color?” may be relevant for the products you sell, but is probably irrelevant to a quiz about which book they should read next. You can (and should!) have fun with your quiz questions, but make sure they serve your quiz purpose as well.

Before we dive into the goodies, do you still have questions about quiz questions? Questions like…

  • How many questions should I be asking in my quiz?
  • What should my questions be about?
  • Can I ask fun questions or only questions about my products and services?

I answer these and more in that first 60+ Quiz Questions blog post!

Okay, now for the moment you’ve been waiting for. Jump to your industry below or read through them all!

12 Quiz Questions for Travel & Hospitality

Planning a trip is overwhelming. Where should you go? When? Where will you stay? How should you go exploring or find the best view? Hospitality businesses provide great experiences, and helping your guests plan their trip with a quiz means going the extra mile. No more scrolling through an overwhelming list of destinations. Your quiz can point them to the right vacation for their unique preferences.

  1. Do you prefer cities or rural areas?
  2. What is your preferred style of accommodation?
  3. What time of year do you want to travel?
  4. What activities sound fun? (give examples)
  5. Are you looking for a vacation full of adventure, education, or relaxation? (or a mix!)
  6. Who will you be traveling with?
  7. What type of climate are you comfortable with?
  8. Do you prefer mountain ranges or sandy beaches? (modify to your offerings)
  9. Are you interested in a specific country or region?
  10. Do you prefer guided tours or opportunities to explore on your own?
  11. How long are you looking to travel for?
  12. What is your budget? (option: you can offer them a sliding scale here)

12 Quiz Questions for Workout Programs

If you sell workout programs, your questions should be all about the individual: some people have injuries that prevent them from completing certain workouts, some people have goals to become more flexible and others have goals to grow stronger. Getting your site visitor to the perfect fit as fast as possible means less people leaving without buying. Your quiz relieves customers from the often painful trial and error of finding the right workout program. To this end, your questions should be all about customizing their workout.

  1. What are your current health goals? (check all that apply: Grow Stronger, Lose Weight, Be More Flexible, etc.)
  2. What types of exercises do you enjoy? (check all that apply: Weights, Pilates, Yoga, Running, etc.)
  3. Are there any types of workouts you’d prefer not to try?
  4. How much time can you commit to working out each week?
  5. How much coaching or guidance do you prefer?
  6. How important is variety to you in your workout? (e.g. Do you prefer to have a set routine or mix things up every day?)
  7. Are you looking for a workout you can do at home or in the gym?
  8. Are you interested in high-intensity training or low-impact?
  9. Are you willing to change your diet to achieve your health goals?
  10. Do you have any previous injuries that may impact your fitness routine? (consider including an option for the quiz taker to say where they are injured)
  11. What equipment do you currently have at home?
  12. Are you interested in buying any equipment or supplies to help you reach your health goals? (you could include a sliding scale option here to note how much $$$ they are willing to spend!)

12 Quiz Questions for B2B

If you’re a B2B company, your questions should be straight to the point. Talk numbers, goals, problems your customer is looking to solve. Use questions that gauge how involved someone wants you to be versus the team that wants a solution they can run with without interference. You can also pop in a few questions that help you understand your competition and prevent customer experience issues before they arise by asking about their previous experience solving this problem.

  1. What problems are you hoping to solve?
  2. What solutions are you currently using (if any) to solve this problem?
  3. What is your timeline to solve your problem?
  4. What are the most important features or capabilities to you?
  5. What is your budget?
  6. How do we currently compare to other businesses you’re looking into?
  7. How important is scaling and flexibility to your organization?
  8. How much support or training will your team need?
  9. If you used a similar product or service in the past, what did you not like about it?
  10. What is your highest priority? (e.g. Budget, Timeline, Support, Effectiveness, etc.)
  11. What does a successful outcome look like?
  12. How do you prefer to receive updates about the progress reports?

12 Quiz Questions for a Medical Service

Do you offer a scan that identifies whether an individual may have a health concern in the future? Do you offer a medical service as a chiropractor or acupuncturist? Medical services are specific to every person. We are all unique individuals with our unique medical histories, health concerns to address, and an individual may not understand your services very well. A quiz can lead someone to the right service. This is also a great opportunity to get interactive with your quiz and include educational moments.

  1. What health concerns are you currently experiencing?
  2. Have you ever received any service from a [insert your practice] before?
  3. Have you consulted with any health professionals about your current issues recently or in the past?
  4. Are you looking for a one-time service or ongoing care?
  5. What health goals do you have in mind? 
  6. How would you describe your current sleep quality? (give options or a scale)
  7. How would you describe your current diet? (give options or a scale)
  8. How would you describe your current activity levels? (give options or a scale)
  9. Have you had any recent tests or procedures relating to the issue you’re looking to solve?
  10. How soon are you looking to receive care?
  11. Are you willing to do any work or exercises at home to assist with the work we’ll do together?
  12. Are you looking for any supplements or medication as well?

More Quiz Resources

Our friends at Future Commerce recently wrote about quizzes from their perspective. Here’s a sneak peek…

“When it comes to online shopping, I know a thing or two. I've spent years navigating the digital landscape, trying to find ways to connect with customers in a world where competition is fierce and attention spans are short. But there's one thing that I've recently discovered that has turned everything I thought I knew upside down: quizzes.

I'll be honest, I was skeptical at first. I thought quizzes were just a distraction. Brand teams drown in data, and quiz software is often lacking features, or rips you out of the shopping site. Customers get bored and bail. But as I dug deeper, I realized that quizzes are so much more than that…”

Read the full piece here! And keep your eyes open to find out what goldilocks, a chef, and a psychologist have to do with quizzes.

Our amazing Senior Designer Jace Farran created a quiz just for your quiz! It’s a quiz-ception, if you will. It’s our TLDR for this blog series: if you’re an eCommerce site, follow the banner below, answer a few questions, and we’ll tell YOU what questions you should ask on your quiz!

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