How to Make a Product Recommendation Quiz that Converts

May 31, 2022
Michaela Barriga

Learn how to make a product recommendation quiz your shoppers will love with these tips for increasing quiz completions and conversion rates.

Shoppers have come to expect some degree of personalization online.

Without it, shopping on an eCommerce site can be overwhelming. You may have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of SKUs for a customer to review. If customers can’t find the right product within a few minutes, they may leave or put their purchase on hold. How can you prevent this hesitation and confusion?

One way? A product recommendation quiz. Quizzes give your customers the personalized shopping experience they crave, while quickly leading them to the sale.

Why Product Recommendation Quizzes?

One of the top questions on a customer’s mind when shopping on an eCommerce site is “Which product is right for me?” And they want to spend the least amount of time possible figuring this out.

People shop at physical stores because they want to truly understand a product in-person or talk to a representative who will help them make the right choice. A quiz can provide the same guidance by asking the questions a sales rep might ask before making a recommendation.

swimsuit fit finder quiz by andie
Andie's fit finder quiz guides shoppers towards the swimsuit that best fits their needs.

This assurance brings you two valuable resources as a business: revenue and data. Of course, your goal is always to close more sales. And a quiz helps you do this. But it also provides you with zero-party data that can improve your ad targeting, email marketing, and overall website experience.

When it's done right, that is.

To make a quiz that converts, you need to craft a good experience, get your quiz in front of your shoppers, and make the most of every piece of data you collect.

We’ve previously covered the benefits of product recommendation quizzes and how to build a quiz, now we'll discuss ways to optimize your quiz for conversion.

How to Promote Your Product Quiz

A common product recommendation quiz mistake eCommerce stores make is not guiding traffic to the quiz. Quizzes can’t convert if your customers don’t see them!

Here are a few ways we recommend pointing shoppers towards your quiz.

Quiz pop-up when the visitor goes idle.

They could be idle for any number of reasons. Maybe they’re distracted, confused, or couldn’t make a decision. Set a pop-up to appear after a set amount of time to remind them you’re here to help.

Add a pop-up teaser.

A pop-up teaser is a subtle way to capture shopper attention without impacting the user experience. Show a teaser in the corner of your screen that allows visitors to access the full pop-up quiz or redirects them to your quiz landing page.

pop-up teaser for a wine quiz
The Barrel Room's pop-up teaser invites visitors to take a product recommendation quiz that matches them with their wine-dentity.

This is particularly great for promoting holiday gift finder quizzes or other seasonal gift guides. When shoppers are hopping from site to site to check off their shopping lists, an eye-catching teaser can point them right to the perfect gift.

Quiz pop-up when the customer shows intent to exit the page.

If a shopper attempts to leave because they can’t find what they want, a quiz is a great way to pull them back in and answer their questions.

exit-intent pop-up that promotes a quiz
Digioh customer Agave Lux promotes their quiz in a pop-up that appears when visitors attempt to exit the page.

Social media ad when they leave your site without making a purchase.

If visitors leave without making a purchase, retarget them with an ad promoting your quiz. Ads with quizzes typically earn high engagement because they get users involved. After all, who doesn’t love a social media quiz?

Inline banner on a product list page.

Visitors scrolling through your site in search of what they want? With a banner, you can catch them as they scroll and offer to help them find the perfect product immediately. 

inline banner promoting a chain quiz
When Jaxxon's shoppers scroll through their chain category page, those shoppers see an invitation to take their chain quiz.

The most important aspect to get right for any marketing campaign is to catch a customer at the right place and time. The moment they’re asking “Which of these options should I buy?” is the perfect point to come in and offer your assistance with a quiz.

5 Quick Tips to Optimize Your Quiz for eCommerce Conversion

Increased revenue is the goal here, so let’s talk tips for increasing quiz completions and conversion rates!

1) Refine Your Quiz's User Experience

The easier your quiz is to take, the more likely customers are to complete it. So if your quizzes aren’t performing like you want them to, you may need to refine a few areas. 

First, try to reduce the time it takes to take your quiz. If a question only allows users to choose one answer choice, a “Next Question” button is redundant and slows the quiz down. Instead, these questions should auto-progress to the next question when an answer is selected, as seen in the example below.

quiz example that uses auto-progressing buttons
When users take Andie's quiz, clicking their answer choice takes them to the next question automatically. Note that this quiz also personalizes the experience with the first name of the user taking the quiz.

This can drastically decrease the total clicks required to complete your quiz.

Also, avoid sliders or input fields that aren't mobile-friendly. Instead, make things easier for your mobile users with button-based inputs that automatically progress to the next question, if possible.

Of course, if a question accepts multiple answers, auto-progression isn't an option. Fortunately, there are other ways to nudge users through your quiz. Image-based questions can provide visual context, keeping the quiz engaging and moving forward.

product recommendation quiz with multiselect options
Andie's quiz includes images with each answer choice, allowing shoppers to see themselves in each situation presented in the quiz. Also, did you notice the swimming progress bar at the top of the quiz?

Finally, including a progress bar in your quiz keeps the end of your quiz in sight. That way, shoppers don't feel like they're caught in an endless quiz, making them more likely to seek the sense of completion that comes with seeing your quiz through to the end.

For more quiz design inspiration, check out these examples of product recommendation quizzes.

2) Monitor Quiz Drop-off Rates

Another way to refine your product recommendation quiz is to monitor when someone leaves the quiz, also known as drop-off.

Consider eliminating questions with a >10% drop-off rate. That question may not be necessary.

quiz analytics for tracking quiz conversions and drop-offs
Digioh's quiz analytics show the drop-off rates for each quiz question, allowing you to identify opportunities for improvement.

Or maybe it’s a good question, but users don’t know how to answer it. In this case, offer a quick explanation. For example, a clothing quiz may ask for a customer’s measurements. If they don’t know how to take their measurements, they may leave the quiz. Add a tooltip or additional pop-up that shows them how they can take their measurements, and you can keep them progressing.

a pop-up tool tip that can increase ecommerce conversions from your quiz
Andie's swimsuit quiz shows shoppers how to measure their torso, ensuring this question doesn't cause confused shoppers to abandon the quiz.

3) Include an Automatic “Add to Cart” Button with Quiz Results

Every additional step a customer must take to buy reduces your chances of closing a sale. After a customer takes the quiz, reduce friction by making it easier to purchase your recommended product.

You can do this with a simple “Add to Cart” button on the results page. Don’t give them a result and set them loose on the site to find it themselves. Don’t let them pass go or collect $200 – seal the deal with a direct link to make a purchase.

bedgear quiz result with add to cart button
Bedgear's pillow quiz provides a button allowing shoppers to add their pillow to their cart immediately. Like Andie, Bedgear also personalizes their quiz with the quiz taker's name.

Does your quiz recommend a bundle of related products? Even better! Instead of searching for each item and adding it individually to their cart, a customer can add multiple products to their cart at one time.

Grease that slide, and seal those deals!

4) Incentivize Purchases with a Discount

Who doesn’t love a good discount code? 10% off can extend a warm welcome with your customer’s first purchase. Better yet, it’s a great opportunity for you to capture their email address by offering to send the discount code directly to their inbox.

Customers who feel valued are more likely to make a purchase. Here, they just received a personalized recommendation and a discount within minutes of visiting your site.

ecommerce quiz with email coupon code
Burpee's quiz reminds users that they can receive 20% off before inviting them to provide their email address.

And the best part for you: the whole experience was an automated process. You didn’t have to spend time with each customer individually – your quiz carried them the entire way.

The Burpee quiz featured above above earned over 100,000 submissions in just weeks.

5) Allow Shoppers to “Share” Their Results

Social proof and word of mouth are two of the most powerful factors in building customer trust. But the challenge for every business is always: how do we get others talking about and sharing our products? If you’re making a quiz, the answer is simple.

Add a share button at the end of your quiz!

Encourage customers to email a friend, partner, or family member their results. Or add a social media sharing option so they can share their recommendation with all of their followers.

You never know exactly why a new customer has entered your site. Are they shopping for themselves? Or someone else? This sharing feature offers them the opportunity to “nudge” someone else in the right direction for their birthday gift. Or show the quiz to someone else who they know is trying to figure out which product to buy. 

The opportunities are endless. And it all starts with a simple “share” button at the end.

Putting Your Quiz Responses to Work

What happens if shoppers take your quiz but don't convert right away? It's time to use the data you've collected from your quiz to guide shoppers toward the purchase.

Every time someone chooses an answer on your quiz, you collect valuable zero-party data about their tastes, preferences, and buying intent. Integrate this data with your online and social media advertising. Or target a customer’s preferences in your email marketing campaigns. For instance, Andie Swim uses their quiz data to send personalized emails to quiz takers, leading to a 55% increase in revenue from their Klaviyo automated email campaigns!

retarget quiz takers for ecommerce conversion
If a shopper takes your quiz and doesn't convert, use that data to retarget them with their recommended product.

You can even use this data to tailor your site based on a customer’s quiz results. Add a banner spotlighting a customer’s recommended product. Remind them of their unique coupon code. If your quiz asks users who they're shopping for, you can structure a shopping experience that’s perfect for someone shopping for a loved one and another experience for someone treating themselves.

Create a Custom Product Recommendation Quiz that Converts

You don’t need any experience to put together a successful product recommendation quiz. Our Digioh team helps you through every step of the process, from designing an engaging layout to integrating data with your other marketing technology.

Are you ready to convert more customers? Get your personalized list of suggested quiz questions.

Michaela Barriga
Content & Partner Marketing Manager
Michaela is Digioh’s Content & Partner Marketing Manager and oversees all things content and partner connection. With a passion for helping businesses grow stronger through organization and authentic connection, Michaela has worked with small and large businesses in copywriting, content creation, and project organization. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and their 2 black lab mixes.

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