Iterable Activate Summit 2023: A Recap

April 25, 2023
Michaela Barriga

The Digioh team joined our friends at Iterable for Activate Summit 2023. Here's what we learned.

Iterable Activate 2023 was last week, and we couldn’t miss it for the world!

a picture of the digioh team at our iterable activate booth
The Digioh team holding down the booth.

We sent Rishi Shah (CEO & Co-Founder), Allison Kelly (CRO), Melanie Angel (Marketing), and Elianna Quiroz (Head of Onboarding) on the road to San Francisco. Allison Kelly led Digioh’s session, “Collect and Converge to Convert with Consumer-Consented Data,” where she went beyond zero-party and first-party data to demonstrate how Digioh collects all kinds of consumer-consented data to increase conversions. And everyone manned the Digioh booth – in between hanging out at the irresistible coffee bar, that is.

the digioh booth

Activate Summit was an amazing event – let’s hear from the attendees themselves!

Melanie Angel: Proactively Connecting People with Joy

First, since I don't make it to San Francisco very often, I tried to use my Activate downtime to meet the local chapters of two groups I belong to in Austin. For one group, I found their information online, met them in person, and had a wonderful time. For the other, their online listing was incorrect, and I was unable to contact them, resulting in me watching a soccer game with strangers -- still fun, but not how I was expecting!

Bottom line, I had to personally seek out this information and do the research myself. In contrast, that’s what I love about Iterable and Digioh: their combined powers proactively connect people with the things that bring them joy. With the consumer-consented data collected by Digioh, Iterable users can turn that data into personalized messaging that ensures people stay connected with the content and products they love. 

If only every organization had such a solution!

Every customer I talked to had unique needs, use cases, and goals -- a good reminder that despite the generic advice that abounds, companies ultimately just want to do what works best for their unique audiences. To cater to their customers, companies need to know their customers AND have the flexibility to act on that knowledge, and both Iterable and Digioh play a key role in both.

If there was a common thread I heard from Activate, it’s that everyone wants to do more with less. In fact, a success story slide from one of Digioh and Iterable's shared customers expressed that very sentiment. I'm happy that Digioh is able to contribute to that success!

Elianna (Eli) Quiroz: Simplifying Tech Stacks with Efficient Integrations

Everyone throughout Iterable’s Activate Summit had great energy! The Iterable team members passed a lot of people our way to find out how Digioh's platform really caters to Iterable users’ needs and allows for so much flexibility. So we got to meet with so many people!

During the many customer conversations I was able to enjoy, the one struggle I heard over and over was from people trying to figure out how to better convert their audiences, not knowing where to start and having too many different tools in their toolbox.

This only made me more confident in Digioh’s solution. On top of having too many tools to juggle, companies were upset about how these tech stacks did not interact efficiently, only adding to the frustration. On the other hand, Digioh has the ability to solve a lot of their needs and integrate seamlessly with Iterable and other technologies. Digioh’s ease of integrating with other tech stacks, on top of the Digioh tools that I’ve seen work for so many, keep Digioh on top.

The content and speakers at the conference were great. As marketers continue to innovate and automate solutions with AI, the strongest emphasis was still on personalization and optimizing performance, specifically with all of the subsets of audiences.

Rishi Shah: The Need to Own Your Data

Activate Summit was awesome! We got to see so many of our amazing partners and meet with both new and longtime customers. The main pain point I heard when talking with businesses was the need for more powerful marketing emails and data to fuel their marketing. At the same time, with the state of the economy, many are struggling with low to no ad budget, so they realize they need to grow through their organic marketing. 

This is where Digioh fits in: our tools empower businesses to capture and own your data, so you can fuel organic marketing efforts that you own and personalize your customer experiences.

One common struggle I heard was from companies that had no execution power. Unfortunately, many marketing teams are being laid off, and companies need help to get things launched. Digioh helps customers capture more data so they can personalize and increase their conversion rates.

digioh CRO Allison Kelly speaking at Iterable Activate

Allison Kelly: Engaging Existing Customers & Acquiring More with Collected Data

Iterable has a lot of customers in media, publishing, eCommerce, insurance, and finance – and all are looking for easier ways to collect and activate data both to engage existing customers and to acquire more. One thing that stood out to me is that many of the sessions were around “zero-party data.”

It was exciting to talk with customers we share with Iterable and get their feedback. For many of them, Digioh is a critical part of their marketing strategy for preference management and acquisition, and it’s daily becoming more critical for zero-party data capture. Because Digioh is easy to launch and provides so much support to our customers, like Dotdash Meredith, they shared that we were a critical part of the decision to choose Iterable as well.

When it comes to what’s going on in the industry, it won’t be a surprise that AI is huge right now. However, it will take 12-18 more months for brands to adopt. Every brand is thinking about how to start foundationally with datasets and insights where it initially makes sense, but realize ultimately that smart decisioning and testing will be critical. 

Only 33% of consumers actually trust what brands are doing with their personal data. There’s a gap here in trust between consumers and brands. And to bridge that gap, it comes down to the responsible collection of data and actionable value creation for the consumer by the brand.

iterable activate sponsor wall

Upcoming Events

If you were at Activate and didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth, book some time with us here. We’d love to hear what you’re building and how we can help.

After a first quarter full of events, we’ll have a little bit of a break before our next big event: the CommerceNext growth show in New York City! Will you be there?? We’d love to meet up!

commercenext ecommerce growth show
Michaela Barriga
Content & Partner Marketing Manager
Michaela is Digioh’s Content & Partner Marketing Manager and oversees all things content and partner connection. With a passion for helping businesses grow stronger through organization and authentic connection, Michaela has worked with small and large businesses in copywriting, content creation, and project organization. She currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and their 2 black lab mixes.

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