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How to Optimize Your Ad Spend with a Quiz

December 14, 2023
Blake Imperl

What if you could 3x your ad retargeting conversion rates? Discover how quizzes can lead to irresistible, scroll-stopping ads your customers will love.

What if you could 3x your ad retargeting conversion rates overnight? In this post we'll uncover how quizzes can lead to irresistible, scroll-stopping ads your customers will love.

For each dollar invested on digital search advertising, DTC brands gained about $11 for every $1 spent, making it the medium with the higest return on advertising spending (or ROAS). While ROAS can vary depending on your product, audience, and much more, it does become clear that improving ROAS can lead to more profitable customer acquisition outcomes. This is why we believe that companies wanting to maximize ad spend should look to guided selling quizzes to:

  • Capture crucial zero-party data
  • Push data points to Google Ads
  • Optimize ad spend with retargeting

Digioh customers send leads through their quiz funnel because it offers higher lifetime value (LTV) and ROAS. How much higher? What if I told you that we’ve seen many campaigns 3x conversions with a quiz?

We’re going to explain how your brand can create scroll-stopping ads, optimize ad spend and increase ROAS with strategic quiz implementation.

Quizzes + Retargeting = Scroll-Stopping Ads

Quizzes are more than pushing result pages and trying to make an immediate sale. Jaxxon’s quiz takers had a 5% conversion rate, which is amazing, but what if you could convert some of the other 95%?

Retargeting powered by quiz-gathered data points creates ads that are more profitable.


You can leverage zero-party data to create user profiles and hyper-personalized retargeting ads that hit on the lead’s pain points with such precision that they stop the scroll. Imagine this scenario:

  • You take a guided selling quiz for a supplement brand
  • You’re sent to the results page, but you’re not converted to a sale

Instead of discarding the zero-party data, the supplement company uses your input to create a profile of you being:

  • 25 - 34 years of age
  • Into lifting weights
  • Interested in pre/post workout bundles

You may not convert today, but when you’re on a favorite blog you like, an ad may catch your eye: “30+ and trying to add muscle? Not seeing the results you want? Grab our post-workout bundle to fuel muscle growth with protein and BCAAs.”


You’re 32. You’re trying to gain muscle. You’ve hit a plateau. Maybe this post-workout bundle is exactly what you need to reach your genetic potential. 

By pushing your zero-party data back into the Google Ads network, you can create scroll-stopping ads that convert at 3x the rate.

That’s how Digioh helps businesses optimize ad spend. 

Strategic AOV Increase by Mirroring an In-store Associate

In-store associates are amazing at upselling, cross-selling, and turning consumer interest into sales. Landing pages lack the data points to create the same experience that these associates once provided.

Quizzes work on creating a customer-centric experience built upon increasing average order value (AOV).


Brands create ads that bring shoppers through the door. The shopper has some intent to buy, but they may be searching for one product and not even realize that they may have other problems that need to be solved.

For example, let’s revisit the user profile for the person who loves working out and wants to find a post-workout supplement. Once they take a quiz, you can recommend a personalized bundle with:

  • Pre- and post-workout products
  • Creatine
  • Whey protein

And you might even offer a 10% off discount for buying the bundle versus each item individually.

When shoppers land on your quiz from an ad, you can:

  • Display bundles
  • Cross-sell products the lead may benefit from
  • Upsell a subscription

Even if the buyer doesn’t bite and make a purchase now, you’ve captured crucial data that can be plugged back into a retargeting campaign to show them hyper-relevant ads that convert far better than non-personalized ones.

For example, Ranavat personalizes its haircare ritual to solve customer pain points with great success. Let’s see an example:

Ranavat’s quiz results encourage shoppers to purchase multiple products to complete their hair care routine

If you were looking for hair care products, you would need shampoo and conditioner. Hair serum may have been something you didn’t even realize you needed, but you’re happy it was recommended to you.

You can take quizzes a step further by capturing email and SMS data and giving your leads more for the information they’re going to exchange with you.

Capture More Email/SMS for Cost-Effective Remarketing

When your ads send shoppers directly to an email/SMS capture form with nothing more than a discount, you’re not providing them with much value in exchange for their data. Chances are, they’re not even sold on your products yet.

But if your ads send them straight to a quiz, you’re providing a ton of value. You’re also:

  • Educating shoppers
  • Solving customer needs

That’s a quick way to send a customer from TOF to BOF.

Put yourself in the shopper’s shoes. If you’re looking for the perfect product to solve your needs, you’ll be more inclined to click on an ad promoting a quiz to help you find that ideal product. You’ll also be more willing to share your email or phone number (or both) to get to that results page and make a purchase.

In return, the brand gets the right to remarket to you. Because you’re already interested in their products, you’ll be more likely to make purchases in the future.

And let’s not forget that SMS and email subscribers are highly valuable. How valuable?

  • According to Klaviyo, 73% of consumers have made a purchase because of a brand’s text. 
  • Email marketing has an ROI of 122% on average. 

Plus, remarketing via email/SMS is much easier – and cheaper – than continuing to serve ads. 

Final Thoughts on Improving Your Ad Spend With a Quiz

Quiz creation and optimization isn’t just about asking a question once and not revisiting the quiz in the future. You have to refocus your idea of a quiz to understand the immense value of the zero-party data you collect and how it fits neatly into your sales funnel.

From ad retargeting to AOV-boosting bunding, if you want to optimize ad spend, you must pull a quiz into multiple strategic areas of your marketing funnel. 

Blake Imperl
VP of Growth Marketing
Blake Imperl is the VP of Growth Marketing at Digioh and host of 2% the Podcast. He is a D2C marketer turned SaaS marketing leader having served at companies like Attentive, Wonderment, Tone, and Carro.

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