Check out that banner up there!

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That bright banner up there is another Digioh inline widget.

Digioh's full-width inline widgets allow you to embed banner CTAs between sections of your site. You can use these CTAs to showcase coupon codes, spotlight new content, or even grow your email list.

That's right, you can add email capture forms to these inline widgets.

In fact, this widget example already has a form. Just click the button on the CTA, and a form appears asking visitors to submit their email address in exchange for exclusive promotions.

By creating inline CTAs with Digioh, you can make updates to your website without having to wrestle with code or get your developers involved. Just install the Digioh snippet on your site, and you can edit the content of your inline banner widgets directly from Digioh.

This is just one of the many inline themes available in the Digioh editor. Head back to the Theme Gallery to view a couple more of our inline CTA templates, or reach out to us, and we can walk you through our entire editor.

Create inline widgets with Digioh.
  • Drag and drop to build on-brand, full-width inline CTAs for your website.
  • Personalize offers by adding dynamic content to your inline widgets.
  • Capture emails and other user data by adding forms to your widgets.
  • Position inline widgets on your site with a snippet of code, or use jQuery for total control.

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