The White Label Form & Email Preference Center Builder for ESPs

Offer forms, lightboxes, and email preference centers under your own brand.
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Trusted by 20,000+ websites worldwide

White Label Program Benefits


Digioh is designed for marketers. Your clients will be able to launch powerful campaigns in minutes with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

Enterprise Features

Enterprise-ready security and compliance features. Digioh is GDPR, CCPA and US Privacy Shield compliant, and no PII data is stored.


100+ built-in integrations to email marketing systems, shopping carts, CRMS, analytics tools. Custom integrations for any non-integrated tools.

Launch Guarantee

Digioh ensures that your client is ready to launch with integration set up and custom designs. Our support is done under your name, allowing for a seamless customer experience.


Manage multiple client accounts with your Digioh super user account. Your clients can also access their accounts directly.

White Label Support

Your customers will never be on their own with our dedicated phone and email support team. We even offer development-on-demand support for the most advanced technical use-cases.
Digioh is easy for marketers to self service, and under the hood is a powerful enterprise platform.

With a little customization, Digioh is capable of solving just about any use case your clients demand. Our technology has over 25,000 development hours invested and has been proven over 20,000 websites. We get the dynamic web.

For Agencies

If you're an agency, Digioh acts as a marketing “operating system”, with which you can build solutions that are reusable across many customers.

And we’ve got your back with the technology. Our Dev-On-Demand team can build for you, and even support your clients directly under your name. If you want to build directly, we provide plenty of Power User documentation for your team, and help when you need it.

For Email Platforms

If you're an email platform, Digioh extends your product’s value proposition onto your client’s websites. What is more strategic than powering the growth and enrichment of your customer’s email lists?

Perhaps you have a “form builder” feature already. Is it meeting your clients needs? Digioh is the most powerful, versatile, and yet easy to use form solution on the market. We seamlessly integrate with your platform and database, mirror your UI, and support several flavors of single-sign-on.
Offer forms, lightboxes, and email preference centers under your own brand.
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For Agencies and Email Platforms

Whether you are an ESP looking to expand product capabilities or an agency solving for a range of client use cases, Digioh can help you and your clients succeed. On average, Digioh's customers 2x their email sign-ups in 7 days.

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