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Grow subscription revenue with the most flexible paywall software for publishers.

Launching paywalls is hard. Digioh makes it easier with a dynamic paywall solution that plugs into your existing systems. For advanced use cases, our dev-on-demand team is a click or call away.

Paywall tools for any subscription business model.

Launch in Weeks
with few or no changes to your existing systems and processes.
100+ Built-In Integrations
and custom integrations ensure your paywall fits into your publishing ecosystem.
Endless Customization Options
allow you to build a dynamic, targeted paywall tailored to your business needs.

Show potential subscribers the value of your content with metered paywalls.

paymeter example

With Digioh's metered paywalls, you can allow partial access to your content in a variety of ways:

  • Display paymeters based on number of articles read.
  • Restrict access by content category. Great for publishers that have sponsored articles.
  • Allow paymeters to be reset based on session or visitor length.
  • Show paymeters based on referring traffic sources, e.g. first click free to social traffic.

Control how your paywalls restrict access.

Digioh paywall solution

Digioh paywalls restrict access to your content until a user subscribes. With Digioh, you can:

  • Display hard paywalls as a lightbox when a non-subscriber views an article.
  • Display paywalls inline on article pages so they have to subscribe (or log in) to read the full article.
  • Support multiple user levels, e.g. registered with limited content access or paid subscriber with full access.

Plug into your existing stack.

Versatile and lightweight, Digioh easily integrates with your martech stack, including:

  • Your existing CMS, so there's no need to replatform.
  • Common log-in, subscription, and circulation systems.
  • Any ESP, CDP, or marketing automation platform.
  • Google Analytics, Segment, and other analytics tools.

Create dynamic paywalls with powerful targeting options.

Targeting conditions

With 20+ targeting options, you control when, where, and how paywalls appear. For example, you can:

  • Target based on GEO-IP to display different prices based on location.
  • Target offers based on user behavioral signals, e.g. long time reader vs. first time visitor.
  • Target offers based on user segments from your CDP or Google Analytics.

A/B & multivariate test your paywalls.

Iterate your way to success with unlimited testing options. For example, you can test:

  • Copy and offers to see what converts more subscribers.
  • Meter lengths (number of articles read).
  • Display conditions, such as time, exit, or scroll.

Turn visitors into subscribers with browse abandonment emails.

Digioh detects abandonment events so you can put them to use in your lifecycle marketing efforts.

  • Trigger emails to get abandoning visitors to complete the subscription process (11% recovery rate).
  • Email can be integrated with your current ESP (or you can use Digioh’s email solution to send the emails).

With a powerful suite of conversion tools for publishers, Digioh grows subscription revenue for leading media & publishing brands. Request a demo to see how we can help you grow your subscription business.

Customer Success Stories

See why leading marketers trust Digioh.

With a wealth of features, integrations, and a dedicated support team, Digioh is the easiest way to increase conversions. But don't take our word for it; see how our customers are doing more with Digioh.
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Matt K., RollingStone.com
Senior Manager, Email Marketing
"With Digioh, we capture 2x more subscribers, and we've increased our email opens, clicks, and revenue."
the penny hoarder logo
Yasmin M., ThePennyHoarder.com
VP  Digital Marketing
"With Digioh, we created email & SMS capture widgets that are personalized based on content users consume on our site.  This was key to our success in scaling our email database and readership to over 1M subscribers, in addition to the launch of our SMS channel. We also used their Google Analytics integration to segment our most valuable audience cohorts based on engagement with high ROI content. I highly recommend Digioh to any publisher looking to grow their email & SMS audiences and revenue."
Josh, Venture Beat
"Their technical expertise and advanced problem solving is extremely helpful in generating custom code for our WordPress site for the specific needs we have.

Their customer support is second-to-none as any time we run into an issue or need advice on best practices, they are prompt to respond and work with us on addressing our needs."
Kay K., Children's Medical Center
"The support team is awesome to work with—they've even built custom scripts for us—and are always prompt and courteous in answering our questions."

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