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How Digioh clients grow their email lists and revenue

Hershey's boosts their email list growth with Digioh

Iconic brand Hershey’s leverages the seamless integration between Digioh and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to boost their email list growth.


Emails captured per day

Conversion rate on first-time visitor lightbox (mobile)

Hershey’s also takes advantage of Digioh’s subtle footer and embedded forms to further grow their email database.

Crayola grows their email lists and brings shoppers back to their website with Digioh

Crayola uses Digioh for list growth, back-in-stock notifications, and shopping cart abandonment.

Up to

Conversion rate on mobile optin forms

Conversion rate
for Crayola’s Colors of the World
back-in-stock modal

Crayola performs birthday verification in their lightboxes by asking for a birthday whenever someone opts in.  This helps them comply with COPPA regulations by only allowing visitors over the age of 13 to sign up for their newsletters.

Soylent captures organic search leads with Digioh

Soylent captures website visitor email addresses with Digioh’s one-time-use coupon feature, coupled with exit-intent technology. Digioh’s targeting options allow Soylent to specifically target visitors who arrive through organic search.

Instead of showing the same coupon code to each new subscriber, Soylent gives each person a unique coupon code, that can only be used once. This prevents coupon sharing or coupon abuse.

The image below shows the lightbox that displays when a visitor is about to exit. To receive 10% off a new subscription, the visitor has to enter their email address:

Crayola uses Digioh

This image shows the Thank You page, where the unique coupon code is presented:

By offering an enticing coupon, Soylent is able to capture the email addresses of website visitors before they exit.

What to Expect increases registrations and app downloads with Digioh uses inline widgets to subtly direct website visitors to registration pages or app downloads.

Digioh’s targeting options allow them to select exactly which devices to target, getting higher click-through-rates in return.

This simple and clean inline widget displays on desktop and leads to an email registration page. It works very well, redirecting 2.2% of all visitors to the registration page.

Crayola uses Digioh

This app download widget displays specifically on Android devices, and encourages expectant moms to download a growth tracking app. 2.9% of the visitors end up clicking the link to download the app.

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