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Get Pricing
Campaigns & Leads
Campaigns you can run simultaneously, and the number of leads collected through your forms.
Monthly Pageviews
Super User Access
Login and access multiple accounts, daily spreadsheet-based reporting across multiple accounts, clone campaigns across different accounts.
Form Builder
Drag-and-Drop Editor
Drag and drop to create lightbox popups, sliders, banners, embedded inline forms, quizzes, and more!
Custom JavaScript
Ability to write custom Javascript to customize your widgets or lightboxes.
Custom Design
Add in custom fields, CSS, fonts, and colors.
A/B & Multivariate Testing
Discover winning design and copy variations of your forms with an A/B test. Use multivariate testing to test conditions, widget type, and copy or color.
Targeting & Triggers
Easy Triggers
Display your lightbox based on time, scroll percentage, button clicks, visitor actions, and much more.
Exit Intent
Capture abandoning visitors.
Core Targeting
Target based on URL, location, HTML tags, device types, referring source, URL parameters, browsing history, cookies, local storage values, and more!
Advanced Targeting
Target based on data in 3rd party databases (e.g. Segment, Custom CDP, Salesforce Audience Studio).
Google Analytics Targeting
Target based on GA Segments. Target visitors across your website, email/SMS campaigns, social media, and the Google network.
Easy Personalization
Personalize images, headlines, lightboxes, and forms based on pages visited, traffic source, page content, cookie values, and more!
Dynamic Content
Display dynamic content (images, text, HTML) in your forms and widgets.
Ecommerce Features
Browse Abandonment
Trigger browse abandonment emails to encourage visitors to return to your site and finish shopping.
Cart Abandonment
Trigger follow-up emails to visitors who exit before checking out.
Back-in-stock Notifications
Send shoppers a notification when out-of-stock products are back in stock.
Give one-time-use coupon codes that are device and IP-address locked to prevent theft.
Publisher Features
Ad Block Detection
Find workarounds to handle ad blockers.
Standard Integrations
Push your email leads into 400+ email marketing and CRM solutions.
GA Integration
Track lightbox displays and submits as goals in Google Analytics.
Custom Integrations
Push your emails into your own custom backend and automatically create accounts.
SFMC/SFCC Integrations
Integrate with data extensions and lists, perform upserts, trigger sends and Journeys, and other custom integrations (Einstein, Salesforce360).
Advanced Analytics Integrations
Send custom events to your existing analytics systems (i.e. Google, Segment and Adobe Analytics).
Data Storage Controls
No data storage (pass data directly to your backend). Ideal for GDPR and CCPA compliance.
Preference Centers
Email Preference Centers
Drag and drop to build email preference centers that integrate with your ESP. Reduce unsubscribes by up to 30%.
Launch Guarantee
We guarantee that you'll successfully launch your first campaign. We'll even provide custom lightbox designs and set up your integrations.
Phone/email Support
Email Support
Email & Phone Support
Email & Phone Support
Conversion Advisory Calls
Strategy & conversion-optimization calls with our lead generation professionals.
Digioh Dev-on-Demand
Digioh is a powerful platform and while the campaign management interface is easily accessible to marketers, we'll help you build out even your most advanced technical use cases. Digioh is your one-stop shop for marketing automation and integration.
Optional add-on

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we go over our pageviews?

We'll never autobill you if you go over your pageviews. If you do go over, we'll contact you to find out if you need more pageviews or if it was a one-time spike. If you need additional pageviews, it's $200/month for 1M additional pageviews.

How can I add additional users to my account?

Additional users are $25 per user per month. Just ask us anytime, and we'll be happy to add them in.

Are you fully GDPR, CCPA, and CASL compliant?

Yes we are. We also have a no-data storage option where data is pushed directly to your back-end system (no storage on our servers). Furthermore, our forms are compliant with respect to affirmative opt-in where necessary.

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